Catholic Couple Must Divorce to Save Son's Life | New Amsterdam | MD TV

Catholic Couple Must Divorce to Save Son's Life | New Amsterdam | MD TV

When a child starts to reject his heart after a recent transplant, his parents confess they can’t afford any of the aftercare medication as don’t qualify for it on insurance.

From New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 15 ‘Croaklahoma’ – Max bonds with his fellow patients, undergoing chemotherapy at the same time, but a serious conversation sends him on a downward spiral. Meanwhile, Reynolds struggles to handle a difficult situation and Iggy has a realisation concerning his daughter.

New Amsterdam (2018) After becoming the medical director of one of the United States’s oldest public hospitals, Dr Max Godwin sets out to reform the institution’s neglected and outdated facilities to treat the patients.

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  1. I know a couple who is married , had to be divorced on papers but live together, because they have a child who needs 24 hours nursing Care , the child has a tracheotomy

  2. This also puts a good transplant to waste though. What’s the point of this donation if they can’t afford the pills to keep the donated heart healthy? Seems the America NHS is really expensive. In my country it depends on the hospital. Govt = very low cost. Private = high cost.

  3. Acting like if just because they’re getting a divorce it’s THE END they’re still be a family they can still live together technically it would just be on paper they don’t even have to there anyone

  4. Yeah but he can’t stay on their insurance forever lol. I know a couple that’s finally getting married now that their sons turned 18… they’ve been divorced for years so they could have access to services and meds for the sons’ medical conditions. Welcome to America 😅

  5. The parents are so stubborn due to their stupidity. Bc you need to be divorced on paper it means you can’t still be together? If the only reason you’re together is a piece of paper to begin with… you have your priorities all wrong. Amazing how their pRoMiSe to their friends and family means more than their child’s life. Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t fight it if it was the only way to save my son.

  6. Here’s my question…why isn’t the mother working? I understand that the healthcare system is for sure a mess but this whole situation is so outlandish. There’s no way in hell that two carrying parents would risk their kid almost dying because one of them doesn’t work. I know plenty of families with both young and sick kids where both parents are able to make some form of a combined income. Also if the middle class weren’t taxed to hell by the gov. then they would be able to afford post op meds on one income.

  7. How are they even contemplating this?

    You can’t afford the medication, and because of that, your son almost died…

    I understand the USA’s medical system is fucked, and I’m glad I’m a Canadian. But even still, I cannot even fathom how they’re sitting here being like "We made a vow to our friends, and to God" as an argument to staying married, when their son is dying and getting a divorce could solve that.

    Not like you’re saying "We can never see eachother again" It’s a fucking piece of paper that says whether or not you’re married. Keep the fucking rings on, tell people you’re married (other than the govt of course), still love eachother, whatever. Just… officially, get a divorce…

  8. Omg it isnt that hard it’s not a real divorce it’s like lying so u can help ur son I would divorce my husband in a heartbeat if it ment my child would live foh

  9. it’s just paper. you can still live together, be monogamous, wear your wedding ring, they wouldn’t even have to tell anyone

  10. I don’t think asking a married couple to get divorce is a good thing. Government should solve this with another solution.

  11. Being middle class is the worst because you are earning too much for help but you don’t get enough to live. Being lower class is easier than being middle and so is upper class.

  12. They say forever but if the kid grows up and gets his own health insurance I don’t see why they couldn’t get remarried? It would be a while (when he’s 18 at the earliest at 26 at the latest)

  13. Marriage in a legal sense shouldn’t even be a thing. Get married and the government just controls you more. Just say your married in a philosophical sense and live together, really no difference unless you want benefits of your partner. But I don’t see a huge importance in getting "legally" married.

  14. religion kills, it smore dangerous thanm Covid. people just blindly follow a god that doesnt exist and rather die cause a certain way "does not agree" with their religious views.

    As an Aethist i get th efreedom ot make choice for my benefits. i use what ever means i can to stay alive even if it means commititng a very bad sin like robbery

  15. América is one F#%ck%^# up hole… American Christians who vote Republican are not Christians…. They are the Antichrist!!!

  16. How true and disgusting is that and to know that this is really happening every day to Americans in this country this episode should really hit home

  17. I’ve had a similar issue but not as extreme. I can’t get married in order to get medical assistance for myself and my kids. America is so corrupt it’s sad. Medical care shouldn’t cost anything. It should be covered by the taxes we pay. We work our lives away for this country the least the government can do is provide us with free medical care in order to remain healthy to work. It’s like owning a work horse. You need this horse to pull your carriage or haul materials. Are you going to feed the horse garbage? And when the horse is now sick are you going to refuse to heal him? No because your life is 10x harder without this horse, so you better take damn good care of it.
    Instead America feeds us poison then refuses to provide medical care once sick. They’re neglecting and abusing us. They force us to work our lives away, while providing the worst type of nutrition then stealing all of what little money we make (after they rob us a significant amount in taxes) in medical bills. Making it impossible to be happy or healthy.
    The elites better enjoy their little leeching behavior while they can. It won’t last forever. Toxic little parasites

  18. Ok, so on the Catholic angle, the writers got this SERIOUSLY wrong but I’m not surprised with the way Hollywood vilifies the Catholic church. Yes, divorce is frowned upon in the church but there isn’t a Catholic pastor on the planet, save for a few extremists, who would deny this couple the Eucharist under these exceptional circumstances. IF (that is a big If) this couple is a member of a Catholic community that would turn their backs on them for divorcing in order to save their son then I am confident in saying that is not a legitimate Catholic community.

  19. This pharma parasites makes all medicines super expensive to make profit.
    Most of the medicines cost them little to produce but they sell it with margin 100-1000% pieces of $hit

  20. My dad: Divorced his first wife 20+ years ago, hasn’t attended a Catholic survice since I was born, goes to a protestant church, raised his kids as protestant…..
    Also my dad: "I’m Catholic"

  21. Imagine being part of a community that would reject you for a stupid paper, over your son’s life.
    Religion by itself is not wrong but it needs limits 🤨

  22. I mean you can be divorced on paper but still married in the sense that you continue to honor your vows and live together. I’m not catholic but I feel like that would still count as “married” in the eyes of God

  23. See, I’d just view it as a sneaky tax evasion trick, which I’m sure Jesus would approve of. How many tax collectors are dissed as being bad people in the Bible? Checkmate. God be looking down there after not receiving this kid’s soul on schedule and just goes “oooh, they’re getting smarter about this, Gabriel, come check it out”

  24. This couple can get excommunicated, but not the pedophile Cardinals.Archbishops, Bishops and priests who have cost the Church money in compensation to their victims? This is NOT "pro-life".

  25. I was a sickly child. Always in and out of hospitals and doctors. Constant testing . I’m fucking lucky ! My doctors never told my parents to divorce to save me. I’m luckily!

  26. The fact that the parents flat out rejected the idea of a divorce to save their child that’s wild. I hate religion cause of this. 🤣

  27. in the show, they go through with the divorce and the kids like crazy distraught "I don’t want my parents to divorce over me thats against our religion" and the pope’s right hand man (since the pope was visiting) basically tells them and the kid face to face "hey yeah its cool, you need to live dude"

  28. I feel really bad for people in countries where they have to die just because they can’t afford their health. I live in nz btw

  29. We don’t have this single system in India as far as I know. Cause a lot of ppl in my country are very religious and as such laws are built around faith and honor. We also have a lot of charity orgs and hospitals working around the clock to provide care to those who can’t afford. Docs and hospitals, even private ones, will most willingly wave off their fee if it’s a serious case and family can’t afford it. Much like how Lawyers do pro bono, hospitals also are required to do so in large case files. You won’t ever see a case like this in my country. Divorce to save a life? Seems extreme. This is what happens when a country is run by atheists.

  30. America was never , isnt and wont be the greatest country on earth.
    Its just some feel good crap politicians feed to their over-entitled narcissistic citizens who like the idea of living in the land of free.
    Freedom takes courage. Americans dont have any.
    Any proper civilization or society would be out in the streets, dragging these policy makers out in the streets, and publicly thrash them to death if this was the case with the healthcare. To think that doctors are getting paid 400k a year, the middleman insurance and finance company execs are making 200k-1 million a year while benefitting off of the broken healthcare system… while regular citizens are facing this type of horrible circumstances is just ASTONISHINGLY DISAPPOINTING.

  31. Welcome to the reality of disabled/chronically ill people in many so-called civilised countries – not just the US. Many disabled/chronically ill folks and their dependents cannot afford to marry for medical care and/or financial reasons. The LGBTQ community loves to trumpet about marriage equality but whilst disabled and chronically ill people, and their children, are casualties financially and/or medically when married, marriage equality DOES. NOT. EXIST.

  32. It’s gross to see the state put God fearing ppl in this position. But giving in and allowing their child to be a pawn is kinda nasty. When you accept things like heart transplant, you know it isn’t a sure thing and the child is blessed to live even one more day. When there’s a price tag associated, you have to be even more realistic unfortunately. You weren’t the one who put the child in this position, and it may not be on you to get him out. Pain and sadness are man’s natural state, the blessings shouldn’t be expected as status quo just bc in this country we have insulated ourselves better than others.

  33. Yeah, not relating to this one. You just break up on papers, nothing else changes really. Oh come on 🙄

  34. This is sad. Religion is a lie. But commitments are important. God does not enjoy religious behavior. He gave us free will he does not want people taught fear to accept him. Only you can accept him into your heart. There is no church on this planet that can save you. You are the one too save yourself. This choice has to be yours. Ok one example is. Love. Its not who you love but how you love. Don’t worry gay people it is not up to the church to decide your fate. The 10 Commandments should be followed to the letter. Don’t cheat don’t ever look at anyone as meat. It is not ok to look if you are in a committed relationship. Lust is the devils fav

  35. i hate the idea the fact that the show’s message is blaming the parents for not wanting the divorce and not the fcked up system in america

  36. I just gotta ask as a person from Cali, how freaking bad is Illinois’ insurance that it comes down to shit like this?

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