Child Custody and Divorce in Texas : The ABCs of Divorce

Child Custody and Divorce in Texas : The ABCs of Divorce

What does “custody” really mean in a divorce case? Texas family lawyer Amanda Y. Tucker of Houston discusses the relevant issues courts consider when determining visitation, access and conservatorship. If you’re getting ready to mediate or litigate the decision about where your child will spend the most time, this episode is a must see no matter where you live in the United States.

We discuss the following:

– What does “custody” really mean?
– The difference between joint custody and sole custody in Texas
– What issues are important to a court when deciding who will get “custody”
– Do dads get a fair shot at custody in today’s courts?
– Custom visitation and access schedules – the new creative frontier
– How does mediation play a part in settling a custody case?
– Child support and health insurance issues
– What happens when one parent doesn’t follow the court’s Final Order?
… and more.

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  1. My son has been very involved in his sons’ lives 💯 % and they love being with him. He has been the nurturing, loving, caring one and has always been involved with whatever is going on in school and right there for extracurricular activities. He’s currently one of his sons coach for baseball. The boys are 13 & 7. The mom has remarried and has three new babies. Her husband has done some cruel things to the 7-yr old and the mom has slapped the 13 yr old in his face, recently threatening to beat him with a belt. My son wants more rights and access to his sons and is having to fight her and the courts. The judges seem not take much into consideration and hasn’t modified the initial default order. Can you lend any advice on this?

  2. If your a man with a decent job, good luck in getting a fair deal with your children’s custody.
    You must prove she is unfit, very difficult to do. They all say best interest of the child, but it’s really the title 4D where the state gets money from what they can get from child support.

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