Child Support and College Expenses | Free Divorce and Family Law Guide

Child Support and College Expenses | Free Divorce and Family Law Guide

Are you drawing up custody papers and wonder if child support and college expenses are bundled? Watch this video to learn how this can be avoided.

Child support in New York State includes several components. There’s basic child support, which is a percentage of income, and then there is mandatory add-on support. Mandatory add-on support includes health insurance premiums, the cost of unreimbursed medical and dental expenses, and daycare expenses. College expenses are not mandatory add-ons. Most judges look at the parties’ totaling income, resources available to each party, savings that they may have, and the child’s ability to obtain financing for school, and then make a determination as to how much college support should be paid by either party. That can and does,in many cases,result in a reduction of the basic child support, simply because there may not be enough money to pay all of those expenses at once.

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