1. Judge Toler, Divorce Court needs you. Currently there’s another Judge, however; she is NOT and NO WHERE near you Judge Toler. BRING JUDGE LYNN TOLER BACK, WE MISS HER, People NEED HER.

  2. The whole, if they are cheatin, then why can’t I cheat behavior is just absolutely INSANE, and the most immature crap in the world. Stupid!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the Judge.
    But I actually really felt it for this guy.
    His wife said they were living together & sleeping together & he got someone else pregnant.

    When that’s just not true.
    They were in separate states & he visited her, only to find out she’s been cheating, having another guy around her Mom’s house, around his kid’s, plating up food for him. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    That’s when he went home & slept with his ex.

    Did nobody else hear this?

    The guy never once got a full story out.
    She made something out to be one way, when actually – it’s something completely different.

    It looks to me like she’s the cheater.
    And does it in the worst way possible – paying for other guys, using his truck to visit other men & using their daughter’s phone to cheat! 🤢

    She was antagonising him.
    Clapping in his face etc.
    She’s a gas lighter.

    Yeah, he’s angry.
    But who wouldn’t be?
    To me, he just seems extremely hurt by what she’s put him through.
    And frustrated that he’s not getting to correct the bullsh*t that she’s coming out with.

    Just my opinion though.

  4. The way he is right now, he may want to stay with her just to punish her, because he sees no wrong in him, but everything wrong in her!

  5. He met his match yes lawd!!…and if she stay with that manchild his only intention is to make her suffer for outsmarting him👍

  6. Psychiatrict Divorce Court does not stalked people caused skin discrimination. Using prostitutes put on television for prostitutes for that reason

  7. No, Jeffrey will never get a hold on his anger issues. Especially as an addict. It just amplifies it by a million miles.

  8. "Don’t create more problems trying to run away from the problems you already have"….Love Judge Lynn Toler

  9. Serial cheaters use any excuse to not admit they did wrong. She needs restraining order against him and divorce him as soon as possible. He won’t listen to anyone. I hope he didn’t harm her after that. 😨

  10. He’s clearly a psychopath. Everything about him reads “incarceration.” Idk what she sees in his scary self

  11. Judge is right as always. Everything about his being is made up of anger and indignant about everything that’s happened to him that it’s beyond the point of reason. He CANNOT believe she went out and did the same thing he had been doing to her as well, but it’s worse cuz it happened to him and not because of him. He’ll never be happy, and the most accurate part of the whole episode is the comment at the end about the wife needing to be concerned for her safety because that’s the type of anger that is so blinding and loud most anything becomes reasonable as a reaction including hurting others especially those who he’s emotionally bonded with. He frowns so much his entire face is just fixed in a miserable expression.. scary guy.

  12. She cheated on him with one man and he damn near died🤣🤣🤣. If you can’t take the heat stay out the kitchen

  13. He’s a cheater and a control freak.Don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t like others to do to you.He’s a basic loser with anger issues,Dump his sorry ass cuz he’ll never change,

  14. No, he really needs help but if he see nothing wrong he won’t try to fix it. Men like this will not meet you half way or try to change on his own.

  15. Maybe it’s because I’m a coward, what I don’t understand is how does she dare to be unfaithful to this angry man. I would be so scared. But that’s just me!!!

  16. Why do I always see the comments coming for the men? Women always get their word out.. every time she interrupt she can… everytime he interrupt he’s blocked off my judge

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