Confessions of a Former Divorce Attorney: Things You Must Know with Sonia Queralt, Esq.

Confessions of a Former Divorce Attorney: Things You Must Know with Sonia Queralt, Esq.

Confessions of a Former Divorce Attorney: Things You Must Know

Attorney Sonia Queralt is the founder of Divorceify, a multi-disciplinary concierge service that provides customized coaching, strong support, resources and organization to those who feel overwhelmed by the logistics and shock of the divorce process.

Divorceify’s mission is to empower people navigating through a divorce. The goal is to maximize results and prepare clients to emerge and succeed in their new life. Whether the goal is to obtain custody, receive alimony, or achieve other specific goals, Divorceify helps clients achieve their goals.

Ms. Queralt founded Divorceify to create a safe, confidential space for clients to receive the support they need as they go through their divorce. Divorceify zeros in on what clients need and helps them get it. Aided by expert strategy and resources, clients will get the most out of the divorce process, while maintaining a focus on achieving their goals. They will also have support to draw the courage and strength to re-create their lives post-divorce.

Ms. Queralt brings expertise, practicality and compassion to her clients and their families. She is a detail-oriented problem-solver who understands the legal nuances of the divorce process. She has a deep understanding of the emotional effect that divorce has on everyone involved, and she is passionate about getting people through the process as whole as possible.

If you have questions, you can join our membership and log into our very private Facebook group and ask any of our experts for their advice and counsel about the divorce process and even for healing and moving on. Join us today by going here:


  1. For men, marry somebody that has bigger net worth them yourself! If you get divorce will not get hurt financially.

  2. All lawyers are decent until you retain them.
    Divorce lawyers don’t care and conveniently fail to tell you that the court system DOES NOT give or take. There is noone to ENFORCE what’s written on a divorce decree. If your spouse is NOT cooperative after the divorce settlement , you are on your own.
    Why don’t you Tell us who enforces the orders ??? : NOONE.
    Lawyers get paid to copy and paste documents that are completely USELESS.
    Thank God my ex- husband and I are amicable ( lawyers hate that by the way)
    Court mailed HIM the child support forms that HE had to fill out himself and mail with along with a void check in order for me to receive Child support ?? 😂

    Stop lying to people. Don’t waste your money guys. Say yes and ignore the letters.
    Noone will come and get you.
    Hide property ? : Why bother ???Tell us who will TAKE Or GIVE after divorce settlement.
    Nice BS.

  3. Men, purchase the most expensive lawyer in your city. This way there is less or no money left to hand over to your wife. Force your wife to work equal days per week during your marriage.

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  9. The men in the comment section below are saying one thing: " DON’T MARRY ! "… while the women in the comments are saying: " Great advice ! How can I get more ?"

    LMAO ! …thanks ladies, marriage has become a joke,… love the irony.

  10. Thank you for the video!!! It was great and helpful… 👏🏻 I know that video is from 2015, but its informations still working and I encourage you to do the next video about child support as you said.

    I’m thinking about to start the divorce process, however I don’t have to much informations yet and now I’m looking for more clarification about that. When we don’t have knowledge enough we don’t have courage to take action towards our freedom to have a better life.

    I don’t understand why the watchers didn’t give thumbs up for your video! Probably the majority was cross watchers men…worrying about those reveled informations…🙏🏻😘

  11. It would be nice if the host of this forum spoke less and deferred quickly to the expert quest. Took over five minutes before the guest began speaking. The program has interesting goals. Good luck.

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  13. The level of entitlement with these women on someone else’s shit…Men get a fucking PRENUP. Once you do, they have nothing else to batter with.

  14. My attorney was chosen for me by my ex. His attorney sent stuff to the attorney I used the first time my ex field! I had interviewed the attorney again and my ex assumed he was hired. The attorney had sent the divorce papers the atrorny I had hired the first time and he went ahead becsue he knew my family and then sent the answer into the court.

  15. Divorced twice? She says she’s a smart cookie, I believe her. She came out ahead, twice. Can’t listen anymore.

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  19. Marriage is not the issue, how you respect and treat your partner while you are married can be an issue. If you are a chronic cheater, emotionally and physically abusive, controlling and selfish do not get married because than you will have to pay in the end! So if you know that you will not bother to respect the marriage and you just want a slave, or doormat… do us all a favor and walk on by, don’t say I do.

  20. Women profit off of divorce. If kids are involved, men will go broke.

    I heard a judge tell a father, why in the world would I give you custody of your kids. Go out and mediate( ask the mother) how much visitation you can get. We went through a lengthy trial, and that judge told him, every other weekend. He worked from home. It was totally disgusting

  21. I really appreciate you doing this video!! It helps -Divorce is very confusing because all the paperwork, financials, Emotions and even if you forgot the PM or AM serving time you need to get a motion to fix that!!

  22. My ex used her lawyer like a high paid therapist that I had to pay for. Every time she got upset she would call or email her lawyer, who would write my lawyer, who would write me, and I had to respond to my lawyer, who would respond to her lawyer, who would respond to her. Trying to talk directly, to cut out the expensive middlemen, just ran up more bills.

  23. Avoid marriage, cohabitation and siring children, and you reduce your risks by 90%.
    The remaining 10% is maybe trumped up sexual harassment allegations at the now femcorrect workplace or at college or anywhere else thes opportunists deem fit.
    The only way women can get resources now is by working their own asses off for a change, or voting leftist candidates in to big daddy government to bludgeon taxpayers (most net taxpayers are men) with more welfare, lowered standards, set asides, admissions and diversity quotas and other handouts.

    Divorce is low now because marriage rates have fallen off a cliff, thanks to more women becoming educated, their instinctual hypergamy, shortage of “economically attractive “ men and growing ranks of mgtow (bachelors).

    When you think about it critically, most western women don’t bring anything to the table to enhance a man’s life. They now represent a massive legal, financial and emotional liability and risk.

    Before women wanted to be mothers and wives, and wanted children and family.
    Now they want to be competitive, aggressive an man-like and just screw the hot guy with a six pack.
    There’s no value proposition for marriage for men anymore.
    They destroyed every measly incentive men ever had.

    Of course, the lamprey parasites are now worried because after decades of lobbying to legitimize wealth siphoning and incarceration of spouses and separation from children, the hosts are slowing dying off, and there are fewer lucrative new hosts to cling to in order to sustain their practice.
    Hence the legal focus on what are now pervasive cohab arrangements, common law marriage and the micro-divorce.

  24. People should be required to watch the movie "Divorce Corp" before getting married. The marriage rate would drop to zero.

  25. Very true what you say about your attorney been and connecting with you, you want someone that knows what they’re doing and someone that has taken the time to KNOW and pay attention to all the paperwork and what you want because They’re the ones that will be speaking on your behalf in front of the judge.-

  26. My wife sold marital property to her Dad about two weeks before I moved out without my consent. Her Dad wrote up a yearly lease contract stating she pays $600.00 a month rent. She did this to rob me of my interest in the marital home. Should I take this to a states attorneys office? If so what charge would this be? Thank you for your time.

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