Considering Divorce? NY Lawyer Answers all Your Questions | Sandra Radna Law | New York 100 Ep20

Considering Divorce? NY Lawyer Answers all Your Questions | Sandra Radna Law | New York 100 Ep20

Guiding You Through the Divorce Process Long Island Divorce Lawyer
Are you in the process of making a decision to file for divorce or legal separation? New York matrimonial law includes some of the most complicated laws and legal procedures in the country. Our Long Island divorce attorney, Sandra Radna, has been successfully representing clients in their divorce proceedings since 1993.

Contact Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna, PC if you need someone who listens to you and fights for what is legally yours. Divorce is an emotionally tough time. Sandra Radna and her team will help you understand the way the divorce or family law courts will see your case so we can work together to reach a settlement that all parties can live with, and work to avoid excessive attorney fees and court costs for unnecessary litigation or services.


2:49 – Introducing Sandra
7:06 – Maintain your personal touch as you expand the business
10:31 – What makes a great attorney

11:51 – Who should get a prenup?
13:52 – What is a prenup?
14:32 – The process of getting a prenup
16:17 – Does a prenup strengthen or weaken a marriage?
18:05 – How strong does a prenup hold up in court?
18:35 – Difference between prenups and postnups
19:51 – Something to consider in postnups / Social Media Clause

21:21 – Considering a divorce?
23:53 – The divorce process
26:39 – More than a Lawyer / Navigating Emotions
29:30 – Does the person that files a divorce have an edge?
30:49 – What makes a good customer?

31:40 – Considering children during the divorce process
33:22 – Considering in laws during the divorce process
34:25 – Mental Wellbeing
34:44 – Is the family court system biased towards women?

36:14 – How is child support calculated?
39:41 – Final questions


This interview is for entertainment and general educational purposes. This should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter. Any information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for legal counsel on any subject matter and does not create an attorney-client relationship..


Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce NY
Couple getting divorceThe difference between contested and uncontested divorce is simple: if you and your spouse are in total agreement on all aspects of the divorce, it is considered uncontested. If, however, there are things such as alimony, property division, or child custody that you are unable to come to an agreement on, it is a contested divorce.

When you, your spouse, and your representatives are able to work out a settlement out of court that is agreeable to everyone, it does tend to be easier on time, resources, and energy. However, it is important that you do involve someone skilled in handling uncontested divorce matters on Long Island to ensure that you are fully aware of any long-term repercussions that could crop up. Contested divorce proceedings are generally much more involved. In these cases, it is considered highly likely that the parties will need the help of a skilled, experienced divorce attorney in Long Island to resolve their differences in a fair and just manner.

Grounds for Divorce in New York
In order to file for divorce in New York, you must meet two requirements: you must meet a residency requirement and you must have grounds for your divorce.

To meet the residency requirement,

You or your spouse must have lived in New York State continuously for at least two years before you start your divorce case
You or your spouse must have lived in New York State continuously for at least one year before your divorce case is started and you got married in New York State, or you lived in New York State as a couple, or the grounds for your divorce occurred in New York State
You and your spouse are residents of New York State on the day your divorce is filed and the grounds for your divorce occurred in New York State
The grounds for divorce in New York are as follows:

Cruel and inhuman treatment
Irretrievable Breakdown

If you file for divorce on the grounds of abandonment, adultery, cruel and inhuman treatment, or imprisonment, you will need to provide proof of what happened to the court.

Let Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna, P.C. Help You
From high net worth divorces to working through business interests, our highly skilled Long Island divorce attorneys are committed to providing you with quality representation tailored to your unique needs. We understand how challenging it can be to go through these situations but are prepared to help you through all the highs and lows.





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