Costly Mistakes In Filling the Income and Expense Declaration.

Costly Mistakes In Filling the Income and Expense Declaration.

This is one of the most important videos to watch! This video discusses the 6 most common mistakes made when filling out an Income and Expense Declaration, a document used to determine child and spousal support levels.

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  1. Omg I sware this page was made for me !!. I love your videos. I’m going threw a custody child support case and I represent myself so I been researching, learning the laws, statue, rules of the court, etc. These videos help alot. I can cry right now because all the videos are on point. And simple to understand. Thank u so much you a angel in deguise💕

  2. What if I filed this form wrong? I forgot to include SDI for maternity leave and baby bonding previously. Now I’m filing this form out again. Do I add this information that I mistakenly didn’t include the first time? I’m worried

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