Costs of a divorce in South Africa

Costs of a divorce in South Africa

For many, the cost of a divorce only seems to add insult to injury. In addition to the pain and stress involved, there are the legal fees to consider – fees that neither of you have budgeted for. But the costs involved shouldn’t prevent you from walking away from a relationship that has run its course. If it’s time to move on, we will help you do so as cost-effectively as possible.

The cost of divorce will depend on the type of divorce, which can be contested, uncontested or mediated. Contested divorces are almost always acrimonious, can take months or years to resolve, and usually go to pre-trial or trial. Because fees are typically charged by the hour, the final costs can be extremely high.

Uncontested divorces are much more harmonious and straightforward. As a result, the costs can be contained and it’s possible that the proceedings can be completed at a fixed rate.

A mediated divorce sits between the two, and can be useful if you’re trying to avoid a contested divorce but can’t agree on certain matters. A mediated divorce involves a third-party mediator who helps to facilitate the process. The mediator’s fees form part of the total cost of the divorce.

Our approach is always to avoid a contested divorce. We believe that this is in both your financial and emotional best interests. To discuss your situation in confidence, please email me directly at so that we can take things forward.

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