1. I can’t believe this video is already 4 years old, I still come back to it from time to time😭Shits that fucking amazing. This and Walmart Karen.

  2. It’s almost criminal that we don’t have any footage of the old man’s reaction to her "no sir have a good day". Absolute travesty. What an absolute gem this is, this council meeting

  3. Lisa’s intro reminds me of John mulaney who met a homeless man who’s opener was that he was new in town as well as gay with Aids.

  4. 😂 😂 😂 omfg I really can’t even stop laughing at this shit!! The video AND Charlie’s comments!! This is pure gold!!!

  5. bro wtf charlie im like 7 years younger than you and i only had 3 channels. no joke. and cause im canadian one was french.

  6. Zoomer pranks: Some weird random shit that isn’t even funny at all.

    Boomer Pranks: Extremely well thought out joke with the wildest twists ever

  7. Having worked customer service for many years, I can tell you this is exactly how the general public is. The number of life stories I’ve heard from weeping middle aged people while holding out a hand for their credit card and saying "ma’am….ma’am please it’s just $12.55-"

  8. "Again, we’re here to hear comments about the rezoning"
    "Well I don’t like facebook"
    Old man absolutely LOST it at that.

  9. As representative of Texas no thank you ma’am we don’t want you we don’t need any more Karen’s down here we’re just about rid of the Karen’s we have

  10. Could’ve ended way worse. Honestly, I just hope Lisa is doing better. She really poured her heart out in front of a lot of people. And even though the council was looking for something else, they just had to let her rant, at least for a little bit. You know, get that negative energy out somehow

    If anyone can find any updates, let us know. We can’t let it end like this

  11. Obviously her husband stayed with a crazy woman for 20 years for their daughter and could take it no longer.

  12. I think what it was is that she thought that was a place to ask for welfare or handouts, or maybe she was going to request lightened tax.

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