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Take a step closer to that person inside yourself.
The one you see in your mind’s eye.
You’re on the courageous journey to embrace wholeness, to embrace the person you were meant to be.
Have you had to hide parts of yourself to please others?
It’s easy to lose yourself along the way.
Things happened that remain unresolved. Things that made you feel differently about yourself.
It’s affecting your relationship with others.
Cracks are beginning to form.
It’s becoming harder and harder to keep these experiences inside you, to keep them at bay. Emotions well-up in you at unexpected times and overcome you.COUPLES COUNSELING RICHMOND, VA.You’ve followed the rules, been successful at what is expected of you. Still, something is missing…
Who you had to be served you well – maybe it was the way you survived childhood, a marriage, a career path?
We all have ways of avoiding discomfort.
But you’re tired of keeping it up.
It’s time to have the outside you reflect the inside you. It’s time for something different.
You’re ready to take that journey inward – have the authentic internal you match who you really are.
Once we find our authentic voice, we can COUPLES COUNSELING RICHMOND, VA.
So, how does one move into authenticity?
First, we need to look at certain defining events in your life…
Why did it happen to me?
Often people think of trauma as something monumental: going through war, a natural disaster, or a serious car accident.
These are indeed traumatic incidents, but it’s often the impact of the chronic, daily incidents (such as family conflict, financial concerns, harassment in the work place, chronic illness) that we tend to minimize and somehow think we just need to “get over it.”
Trauma: An inevitable part of life.
Trauma may result from a single distressing experience or recurring events of being overwhelmed in ways that we find hard to manage.
These experiences can have a lasting effect on us, and they can be difficult to integrate into our sense of self. They can distort how we view ourselves, how we engage with others, and how we live our lives.
Embracing who you are and moving towards authenticity involves identifying those experiences that have marked you and examining them, one by one. Nothing is too minor or inconsequential… it is all part of your story.COUPLES COUNSELING RICHMOND, VA.Let’s explore your story…
In our sessions together, I will give witness to the telling of your story and, eventually, with curiosity, time, and self-compassion, the owning of your story.
We will sift through what still serves you… and discard what does not.
You may be surprised by your ability…
… to experience and embrace the path to self-discovery and self-care that trauma opens to you.
I may use mindfulness techniques, expressive art exercises, or other tools to help you move to that place of understanding and acceptance, and, in so doing, authenticity.

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