Couples Therapist | 10 Tips For Good Communication!

Couples Therapist | 10 Tips For Good Communication!

What’s Anya Mind, Friends?
In today’s video I’m sharing a lot about communication. We’re discussing active listening, practical tips, and even the two most common barriers. Effective communication is a must-have in any healthy relationship whether it’s romantic, platonic, familial, or even professional. Which of these are you going to work on?


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0:00 Introduction
1:24 The Goal: Better Understanding
3:51 Set clear intentions
4:13 Create a safe atmosphere
4:46 Speak slowly
4:53 Be concise
5:20 Understandable language
6:22 Watch your body language
7:27 Avoid sarcasm
9:30 Stay on topic
9:59 Avoid shifting blame
10:34 Barrier 1: Loud Noise
10:59 Barrier 2: Stress


  1. I love the fact that you take so much care in giving us valuable content on relationships. I’d love to see a discussion between you and Holy Land Man on relationship roles.

  2. This is literally one of the best and most useful channel I’ve found, I’m so happy I came across this by accident 😭💗

  3. I am a certified marriage counsellor and relationship coach ,I based in lagos nigeria.i just want to know if you have classes for someone like me,to step up and become better in my field.thanks and God bless you

  4. Great video Steph! Another good tip, #11 Avoid defensiveness

    Nothing will stop open communication faster than some one with the need to be constantly on Gaurd.

  5. The speak slowly section got me.I constantly have to give my fiancé a signal that he is losing me (I have a.d.h.d.) due to either a 1.tangent, analogy that doesn’t makes sense to me because it is too far for my literal mind to access or 3. He uses vocabulary incorrectly and I need to stop him to clarify what he is trying to say because, again I am very literal and he is not. It breeds a lot of miscommunication.

  6. Very helpful. I will share with my partner. My issue is that I will ask, reflect, discuss in detail about their day and events but when it comes to me I feel like my day or events are not important. What do I do?

  7. Basically Making a good argument is like making good moonshine. Keep the temperature low and take it slow. That is the best chance of it being good.

  8. We can’t communicate he hates how I repeat back something different than what he’s saying…he won’t explain further aye like what you even saying man

  9. I love these videos you post, my partner doesn’t feel comfortable opening up to a therapist. This environment is much more welcoming for him. Thank you

  10. When you’ve learned all you can and applied all of the advice and you’re "partner" STILL doesn’t respond with empathy, reciprocity and emotional intelligence; Leaver their ass. They’re NOT your person. Ask me how I know 🙃

  11. Thank you very much, I am not the best at communicating in my relationship. I don’t know if I am scared to open up.

  12. Walk away with a better understanding! Yes, exactly 💯 Repeat/ confirm, denies, or refutes. Creating safe spaces, to speak concisely with careful thought (work on my tangents) using proper words. Using I statements. Intellectualize is a defense mechanism. Set partner up for success, being clear and on topic with empathy and checking in on partner. The thing stressing you out, is the conversation that needs to be had.

  13. your advice has been so helpful on how to build intimacy and how to communicate effectively. i would love to hear your advice on tips for couples that are going through trust issues after emotional infidelity. please and thank you!!

  14. How do you suggest communicating with a defensive partner? For instance I recommend a way of saving money and it turns into I don’t appreciate them or I use them as an atm. Words I’m saying are never heard for what they are in the moment. But after defending myself against things being said to me opposite of my character, my partner later comes to me to apologize and say they know I’m not using them and I’m not that person and will word on hearing me. JUST to have a repeat of a similar situation happen again.

  15. I’m having problems we will have our first session this week. I just don’t know how we got to this point. I feel so broken and just wish there was a rest button. This video helped me understand a few things that we do.

  16. I was dating someone who I been in there company and early in the relationship I had been curious about what of there health and I peeked in the medicine cabinet that was all.

  17. Omg I have been binge watching your channel?! You are beautiful inside and out and you are exactly what life needs. My
    Question is do u have any tips on dealing with a mate that has mental disorders? I struggle with things but he really struggles with bipolar depression. What do I do with that? Lol love your channel queen!

  18. the hardest part of reflective listening is being patient and being non-judgmental of what you’re hearing. it is also a hard concept to understand that you can talk to somebody and not have to agree with what they say and you can express it in such a way that it isn’t callus or invalidating what they have to say

  19. Just subscribed to your channel after watching "10 phrases to avoid in your relationship" helpful and definitely passing the information along.

  20. I am in a relationship and my boyfriend gets insecure when I talk to other guys he gets mad and he breaks up with me

  21. I really appreciate DR MALIK for bringing back my husband happily with his love spell he is the best spiritualist, so do well in reaching him.

  22. I met someone here on YouTube who introduced me to Dr Malik about his spiritual powers and with great joy, i have finally found my lost lover back. All Thanks to him and do well to reach him.

  23. I’ve been having issues lately and found this channel as a result. I ended up using these strategies mid video as a conversation came up and it really helped. Thank you so much!

  24. I recently found this video, and I found this video to be very informative because my wife and I are trying to finds ways to better communicate with eachother. I took notes so I can practice with myself because I’m trying to avoid divorce and I’m trying to keep my family together

  25. Thank you so much , this video helped me and my husband so much!!! I prayed for a problem we were having and could not seem to figure out how to resolve it . So I prayed and asked God to help and I felt that God led me to this video !!! And it was the perfect answered for exactly what we were struggling with and we feel it was and is going to be extremely helpful to our commication issue!!!! And not just each other but in all our relationships!! And our own personal growth !!! We subscribed and are looking forward to watching more of your videos!! So we just wanted to thank you again!!!

  26. Loved this video thank you! I feel with communication theres always room for improvement very useful to think about these things in the future.

  27. Hello mam, i need some help, i have a boyfriend we have been together for only three months now, at first he told me he was single but as a week past i found him on tiktok and they seemed in love with this woman. I tried talking to him and he says he cant just dump the girl in one day and he says he will but i should be patient saying he really loves me. He is so caring, we communicate so well, hes been so supporting financially, emotionally but he tells me that tiktok is just for fun and that it cant tell hes real life. So after some time, he blocked me on tiktok so i cant see anything in his account. I dont know what to do? Should i be patient or its just wastage of time, was it necessary because i am not ure of what to do now

  28. The crazy thing is I’ve been communicating the right way the whole time! Lol everything you said I’m like “yup” “done” “did that” in my head. My partner does exactly what you say not to do. It’s stressful & draining at the least.

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