Couple's Therapy & 6 Fun Ways To Build Intimacy! | Gottman Method Refresher

Couple's Therapy & 6 Fun Ways To Build Intimacy! | Gottman Method Refresher

Happy Valentine’s Week, Lovers!
My first video on Emotional Intimacy is still one of my most watched videos, and many of you have been asking for more tips. Today’s video is a combination of education and fun! We begin by discussing John & Julie Gottman’s empirical approach to couple’s therapy and end with 6 fun activities to try with either your own partner or couples that you’re working with if you’re a fellow Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) or couple’s therapist. Which activity do you think would be the most challenging for you?

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Gottman Method
04:57 6 Fun Ways To Build Intimacy

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  1. I would love to see your deep-dive into this model! Your reviews of the different models has been so informative and helpful! Thanks!

  2. I’d love to wear what I wore on my first date with my husband but I dont think it will fit lol.
    Im loving your videos!! ♥️ Keep them coming

  3. 1. Try something new together
    2. Draw your partner and discuss (what stands out to you about them )
    3. Find lyrics that express your love
    4. Blindfolded food tasted (put the food on the body)
    5. Ask taboo questions
    6. Recreate a special moment and discuss

  4. "The thing about building intimacy is it requires vulnerability." That’s deep and so true. Wish my ex-wife understood that. Thanks GQ for bringing me here.

  5. Something we do cause I’m a creative .. is when we are arguing and very frustrated and can’t get our thoughts out we fill water balloons with 50/50 water and paint and have a paint fight taking turns at releasing our frustrations on each other without getting hurt

  6. My girlfriend and I both would love for you to make a video explaining this concept more and what you personally suggest about each method covered also because you are a very smart therapist as well😊 we just found your channel and have only watched 3 videos so far! We both already have learned a lot but haven’t used any of the information or activies you’ve suggested yet because we’ve been too busy binge watching your videos🤣 We cannot wait to become better and grow together thank you so much!

  7. I really love this. Excited to continue to follow you and learn! I love my partner but we both struggle with emotional intimacy and openness and i am looking forward to trying some of these suggestions! I wonder if you could do a video on ways to open up/how to approach those conversations

  8. Hi, new subscriber here! I love the insights you have that help me communicate and approach my relationship in the best way I can.

    As a small note, I would love to see a video specifically on building physical intimacy for those of us who are naturally uncomfortable with it!

  9. Wow you deserve so many more subs and views!! Thank you SO much for your amazing videos 🙏 I’m in a eight year relationship and we’re high school sweethearts so we’ve been through A LOT! We definitely wish we had a more stable relationship earlier on when we were younger. Sometimes we slip back into toxic habits of the past but we are stable and happy majority of the time! Hopefully those bad habits will go away over the years and as we continue to establish better communication habits, especially after learning more from your videos! ♥️

  10. This was really good !
    My husband & I are Marriage Coaches and we do a lot of workshops, & retreats.
    It’s refreshing to see others on the front line for marriage, being intentional on adding value.

  11. MMMAAAAAAAMMMMM, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!? This is really really good info! I’ve been to so many sites that just give you very surface level or recycled ideas but the info and suggestions you give are very insightful but also sound really fun! I’m going to try the "drawing" one with my husband tonight! 😊 Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with people who need it (like me, 😬 lol)! 💜 Please post more videos about intamacy ideas! (I’m also interested in hearing the "let’s get the vacuum" story! Lol)

  12. Thank you for creating your channel. I’m currently in graduate school, in my 3rd internship, and I’m interested in earning my associates license in MFT after graduation. Your videos are valuable to my journey. I wish I wouldve found you when I began the program. Keep sharing your journey and knowledge!!!!

  13. I like going on a photo scavenger hunt. Each partner writes 5 things/places from your joint history and then go on a date and take pictures of those things/places and share memories about them.

  14. Help I am in trouble my wife and I been together for 12 years one child I am between jobs and wanting my wife back

  15. Thank u soo much !! I been loving ur videos .. can you do one on the interview questions that are asked for grad school for mft thank you

  16. I was actually bummed when I got to the end of the video lol I was writing things down like "oh yes, keep these fire ideas comin"

  17. Hello! I was wondering if you’ve ever dealt with asexual clients/a relationship where one person is asexual. I am demisexual and I am honestly scared of dating due to either my partner pressuring me or leaving me. Can an asexual and allosexual person be together? How? I would like to know how you would give advice for navigating intimacy in that scenario because usually aces are just left in the dust just because we didn’t want to have sex as much as they did (I guess it also involved sexual compatibility?)

  18. I love your videos! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. P.s. I love your last name, it sounds so elegant!

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