Courage to Commit // Ghosting God // Pastor Mike McClure, Jr

Courage to Commit // Ghosting God // Pastor Mike McClure, Jr

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Our Senior Pastor, Mike McClure Jr. is a thought leader, author and artist who has led Rock City to become one of the fastest growing churches in America. At Rock City our mission is to Love God, Love People and Make a Difference. Based in Birmingham, AL our church has grown to include four locations throughout Central Alabama.

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  1. I am the granddaughter of a pastor, and my mom is an ordained minister, but I relate all too well to the fight scenes. **face palm**

  2. I love this keep them coming Pastor we need this word I was truly blessed by this word In Jesus Name AMEN

  3. My male cousins old and young are all like my father. They tough look with side eye to Everybody! They say some didn’t add up. I’m like what you mean? Some funny bout him. You love him?my uncle I’m not sure if he was being nice bringing money to the table or saying if you ain’t got no money man here’s her pay.

  4. I’m laughing so hard!!! 😂😂😂
    Me and my kids cut jokes on one another all the time.. the whole time they were growing up we talked about one another.. made fun of each other all the time.. 😂😂

  5. This guy sounds like a prosperity preacher one of those guys who tell you about a good life to attract people while he gets "blessed/rich" with ignorant peoples tithing.

  6. I loved the part where he said he HD a lot of insecurities! Many men won’t admit it. Explaining how it works too, simply you feel secure with it and don’t without. And God will challenge that because you should feel secure in HIM. Many men will say they’re aren’t insecure but they don’t see themselves from an outside perspective. Like, they say they love Jesus but won’t follow his word because it goes against how they make their money. Or, they won’t ever fast because they are traumatized from the time they didn’t have food 10 years ago. I say men but I really mean everybody, just seeing a man say that was really nice to my soul. For me it’s money when I become stable in it a little bit I stop giving what I owe. Right before I kept on watching this I was counting my pennies trying to figure out if I’ll have enough money for my next rent, but I realized I hadn’t given in a long time, I had to reconvert my heart, psalm 62:10 helped a lot, I belong to God and all of the universe is his. He will provide I have faith !

  7. I’ve passed this video several times because it wasn’t convenient to listen at the time. This morning I listened and at 11:11 into it, I KNEW you were preaching this for me.

  8. This was a phenomenal sermon and touched my heart this man was preaching! preaching!! What a powerful word

  9. Man I appreciate your level of humility as it relates to your son cursing. They will likely do it, and you showing that as a pastor that these things happen, makes insecure Christians have faith and confidence in our God that he does show grace and mercy.

  10. Some times people ghost God when they are going through the storm as well…. And I think it’s because it’s so much pain, sometimes embarrassment, that they don’t go to him. Let’s us pray and uplift those that feel they can’t go to God while their in pain, depression, etc and let them know they can Go to God #icangototherock

  11. Whew I ran this back and it chastise me, I gotta to be persistent in getting my Commitment to God back

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