Dallas Divorce Lawyer Jeff Anderson Discusses Deion Sanders Prenup Divorce Dispute on FOX Ch. 4

Dallas Divorce Lawyer Jeff Anderson Discusses Deion Sanders Prenup Divorce Dispute on FOX Ch. 4

In this FOX Ch. 4 news report, Dallas divorce lawyer Jeff Anderson provides legal analysis of the ongoing divorce dispute between former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders.

In recent developments, a Collin County judge ruled that the premarital agreement between Deion and Pilar Sanders is valid, despite Pilar’s contention that her initials were forged in several places in the document.

Had the judged ruled the premarital agreement invalid, it would have been “a game changer,” Jeff Anderson, a McCurley Orsinger partner who is not involved in the Sanders case, told Fox 4 News. Without a premarital agreement, he said, the couples’ assets would have been considered community property “unless proven otherwise.”

That would have probably given Pilar Sanders a vastly larger share of the former Dallas Cowboys’ assets.



  1. So, that’s why Deion made that song.."Must be the money" lol…he knew EXACTLY what most women see in men that they know or think has A LOT of MONEY…🤣 👌….#UKRAINE 🙏🙌

  2. I want to be married to one person and not mess with multiple women but after a divorce and getting screwed most men have the option to either be alone or just date around. Unfortunately it’s due to women like this. Nobody cares about family. Me Me me

  3. He could have been with her without marrying her. And then he was stupid enough to get married twice! Some people never learn.

  4. Why would he have to pay child support if they have joint custody?this is an example why a lot of rich men don’t get married.

  5. So many souls are going to hell for eternity where there is no marriage…divorce…or money. Think about that for a moment. Like a graveyard "predumptual" agreement. Og°

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  6. Now she be all the games, in VIP wearing JSU ibelieve merch. Talk about bandwagon – I guess they made up for the kids. But sad part is she is still trolling.. she posted something on IG last wknd about why she kept the last name and still wants to be included in everything. She still feels entitled

  7. From Body language, it looked like that lawyer was hitting that. He was holding her waist very tight lol. Also, signing bonus??? 🤣😂😅😂

  8. hes had strokes….. his face, hands, etc are effected. poor bro. DEION IF U DIDNT TELL THE TRUTH….im kinda saddenned by that

  9. Cause when you want to get rid of a person you will give whatever just to get your peace and be done with them good bye Felicia

  10. I was just about to say but Deion said he made her do "EVERYTHING" in front of a judge. This man has done a lot of stupid things in his life, but "WOW" did he do this one by the numbers. They were going to hit him with … It’s a forgery routine…BUT SHE SIGN IT IN FRONT OF A JUDGE.


  11. It’s sad that this woman wants a signing bonus as well like she’s a professional ball player. "Trust no one ". No Love in War!!

  12. She only married him for money and fame…she was never attracted to him. A lot of women would have a man’s baby for 1.1 million and $100,000 signing bonus.🤣

  13. She should have had better advisers or not b so quik to get in with a celebrity. She should have spousal support. She added something to his life or he shouldn’t have married her. This is what u do when u don’t trust

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