Defendant Fires His Lawyer Before Throwing A Tantrum

Defendant Fires His Lawyer Before Throwing A Tantrum

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This is the latest hearing of the alleged abuser who was caught in a lie, trying to attend court from inside the victims home. Watch as he fires his lawyer and throws a tantrum.

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  1. A $10 Million dollar bond? Did the judge just set that amount then and there, just knowing that the defendant could not bond out…as he would have to sacrifice probably 10% / $1million to the bails bondsman.
    Seems like the judge could just say that since the restraining order was violated and the man lied in court that he would be put into jail without a bond until the next time in court for this case. The ins and outs of court procedures are kind of a mystery to me. 😛

  2. Ms. Davis saved that woman. She picked up on the signs, and talked the woman through getting away from him. Not all heros wear capes that’s for sure.

  3. The tough guy who hits his girlfriend is crying and breaking down. Love to see these weak pieces of crap get theirs.

  4. He was yelling and was forced to leave because he couldnt handle hearing everything he did or he didn’t want people to know?

  5. I saw a video of the dude getting arrested in his court appearance zoom call cuz he was in the same house as his victim

  6. Update: Dude is in prison serving anywhere between 14 months (minimum) and 5 years at Muskegon Correctional. His MDOC Number is 568807. Nice tats Coby!

  7. I hate Cody because of what he did to that beautiful young woman. However. I don’t agree with how his attorney has not seen him more than once. Even evil needs representation. But I’m not crying over him. He deserves it. And needs MEGA MEGA counseling

  8. This was like a good soap opera 🍿 Praise God that attorney had the police go check on her client. Who knows what would have happened otherwise.

  9. This is nuts- Like instead of Bailiffs- police have to show up at the door on a tip from the prosecutor for not only witness intimidation- but safety… but then the bond violation on the spot.

  10. People like the abusive defendant floor me. “I was more than happy to beat her face in with a TIRE IRON, but the second someone holds me accountable for doing that I’m gonna throw a hissy fit and cry and whine about how it’s not fair” Like Jesus Christ, grow up.

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