Denver Massage Therapist – Couples Massage (720) 628-6497 Valentines Day Couple Massage Denver

Denver Massage Therapist – Couples Massage (720) 628-6497 Valentines Day Couple Massage Denver

Couples massage has become very popular and, more and more people are looking into the experience with keen interest. For people who have not experienced a couples spa massage, it is vital to have an idea of what to expect. Some people are not very sure of what exactly it is. The following is a description of couples massage. It involves two people experiencing massage treatments at the same time in the same room. Therapists undertaking the task will work on each person and this works great for husband and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, same sex partners and any other couple that would be interested. Simply Magical Massage offers a spacious couple’s suite to ensure that your experience is kept intimate.couples massage denver

Couples massage comes with many benefits and the first one is obvious. It is the opportunity to relax and take it easy as the body undergoes some internal transformations a result of great massage strokes. While having a couples massage, it is a good opportunity to connect with people who are next to you. Husbands and wives will have a chance to rekindle the magic of love and affection. Most people who go for a couples massage will report to communicate better with their spouses. Daughters who choose to have this experience with their mothers will have a close relationship. It provides time for a relaxed conversation which will pave the way for a wonderful union for the pair. There is nothing complicated about this and all it takes is saving some time and money. Partners who have never gotten massages before will have an easier time because they have someone close to them. Many new to this experience may find themselves very nervous about this experience. Others are never comfortable with nudity and a partner will provide solidarity.

100 minute couples massage: $140.00

70 minute couples massage: $100.00

New Couples Only

Promotions not valid with other discounts or coupons,

does not include specialty massage

Please call to book a couples massage.

720-628-6497 or 720-277-7003

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