1. Omg, I remember watching this when this video was recently released. It’s been years and I didn’t realize that Kyle Hanagami choreographed the dance.

  2. If anyone wanted to know the two kids are Ruby Rose Turner (known from Coop & Cami) and Brady Farrar from dance moms.

  3. It saddens my heart I put my four kids though this but my daughter finally broke the cycle I’m proud of you cynthia motsinger

  4. Every time I watch this perfomance I cry, the emotion on their faces, the story… You did an amazing job

  5. This performance inspired me to fly to another country and see their dance show in 2017. Was an incredible show. They pretty much danced non stop for 2 hours straight.

  6. This is some of the most heartbreaking I ever have seeing and a the same time incredibly beautiful and amazing done. That little girl are so wild that she can holde the position for so long!

  7. Is it me or is this exactly the same as Ashley and Pasha’s dance from Strictly? Same song and everything

  8. Holy shit it’s 2019 and I still can’t get enough off this powerful piece 😩. Such a beautiful dance and story. Love these two!!

  9. This performance is such an emotional one for me…… I pray my kids will hold on to each other like Julianne and Derek have.

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