desertion as ground of divorce, Separation & divorce, separation of husband & wife as divorce ground

desertion as ground of divorce, Separation & divorce, separation of husband & wife as divorce ground

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how to file divorce case and what is the procedure of divorce I have explain in various videos where proper information is given by online legal advice this is particular video where the ground of desertion has been discussed properly and what amounts to the ground of desertion if there is dispute between husband and wife so so it’s supposed that husband is not staying with wife and wife is not staying with husband that may conclude as a ground of divorce if it is more than period of 2 years so that is called a ground of desertion and is awesome to be considered as an element of divorce if you go through the complete video session you will find a proper information about a ground of desertion how it is properly explain under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955


  1. Tnx sir 3 sal se me mere hasbend ke sat nhi rh ti hu vo muje jabr jasti le jana chathe he par muje unke sat nhi jana he or vo bache bi le gye he pls btaye ki bache muje mil skte he 12 sal ka bacha he divoce mil skta he

  2. Sir ager husband wife ka divorce ho jaye or husband second marriage kar ke kahi alag reh rha ho to kya ex wife apni saas ke paas reh sakti divorce ke baad? Kya ye legal hai? Kya new wife iss per objection utha sakti hai?

  3. किसने छोड़ा,यह कैसे साबित होगा?आम तौर पर पत्नी ही पति के खिलाफ छोड़ने की शिकायत कर दहेज उत्पीड़न का फर्जी केस दर्ज करवाती है, तो क्या पति को इसका कोई लाभ नहीं मिलेगा,भले ही पति निर्दोष हो। क्योंकि कानून हमेशा महिला के ही पक्ष में होता है भले ही महिला कितनी भी ग़लत क्यों न हो।

  4. Wife took a LAP from hdfc bank on behalf of our flat in which we are living in and not paying the emi.denying for divorce also .sir please suggest what can i do 🙏

  5. क्‍या कोई गल्‍ती हो गई हो पत्‍नी से तो क्‍या माफ नही हो सकता क्‍या पति के साथ रहने नही दिया जाएगा

  6. I have suffered from molestation by my father in law
    I have all the evidence
    But I don’t want to file a case as I want to move forward
    Can I flee to Abroad
    Because my husband is not abandoning me
    Can he take any legal actions against me
    Or I have to deport from there if he files a case here ??

  7. Thank you sir for this information.
    Sir plz let me know how can i tke aluminy/money for my marriage from my father as he is threatening me n my mom the he will only give money through court

  8. Patni agar desertion kr k chali jye aur, court me juth bolde k Muje nikal diya hai to kaise prove krenge🤔?

  9. Sir ye bataye agar husband foreign bhag jaye sab income leke like UK Jese Vijay Malya baga or maintenance na de to kya hoga.

  10. Sir Meri wife nepal se hai or Two and half years se Nepal me he reh rhi h vo ab mere sath rehna nai chahti ,or marriage registration Chandigarh me ki thi koi solutions btaye

  11. Sir , I am not staying with my wife more than 2 years and we do not talk to each other at phone too .she is at my parents home. I want to divorce but my parents nd my wife are not agree with me. My marriage is 10 years old nd I have two children . Can I file divorce or apply for juridical seoeration at this ground ??

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