1. I want my parents to get a divorce so bad and everything in this video applies so hopefully it happens soon

  2. ι’м єℓєνєи αи∂ му мσм нαѕ вєєи αяgυιиg ωιтн му ѕтєρ ∂α∂ αи∂ ѕнє ʝυѕт ℓєfт ωιтнσυт мє σя му вяσтнєя ι∂к ωнαт тσ ∂σ

  3. Thank you for saving my life I thought my parents were gonna break up but none of these match them if they break up I would not be able to live with myself so thank you for giving me confidence that they won’t break up

  4. My parents fight everyday, my dad said some offending shit me and my mom will remember for the rest of our lives. Like lets plan our divorice, i was never happy to be in this family, Im starting to loose my love for u I’m still 15 and I gotta witness this shit turns out I won’t have a bright future

  5. My parents are having a heated argument, maybe my mom and a few drinks. my dad is like sorry, ok and he’s trying to apologize so yea

    Edit: they’re fighting again so I’m here

  6. My mom is cheating, i know bcs I’m not a 9 yrs old kid who can be fooled around… My mom doesn’t have any work and my dad works across our country but he ain’t earning enough money so mama’s gonna do her thing… I am just so done with all of these i want it to end yet i don’t wanna lose one of them…
    My dad doesn’t know, I can also say that their relationship is just a one sided relationship… I don’t think my mom is sincerely inlove with my dad bcs as she tells that she just said yes bcs no one’s gonna do it-

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  8. My parents already divorced and my mom remarried and he’s gone so much at work my moms so happy but when he’s here she’s doesn’t seem happy at all.

  9. You see Every night At least when I woke up every night I hear my parents shouting I mostly deals with my dad my dad !! Is the whole problem

  10. Shit.
    My parents married after the age of 32.
    My mom is a nurse.
    She also makes more money than my dad.

  11. I think my parents are going to get a divorce ☹️ if it does happen I’m going to live with my mom and she wants to move away from where we currently live… Please pray for me and my family, please

  12. 1 – My parents did get married after 32
    2 – When me and my sisters are not in the photo they are frowning
    3 – My mom works all day and when she comes home she goes to sleep – she only relaxes on the weekends
    4 – My dad stays at home and minds my sisters and my mom works and gets loads of money

    All the things in this video match my parents and they are currently fighting downstairs right now and I need help

  13. I feel like my parents are about to divorce because they are starting to argue more, even over stupid things, I think they are going to divorce because my mom came to my room randomly and said “I don’t want to divorce your dad”. My mom makes more money than my dad and I think she’s getting sick of paying most of the bills and shit.

  14. Dude that same thing does that but my family divorced me like almost because bad things I did… And this is so horrible

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    People will forget what you SAID .People will forget what you DID But they will NEVER forget how you made them FEEL.

  16. My parents married after 30 I think, I’m not sure they don’t tell me their ages, anyway, they couldn’t marry so soon because they had me, then a year later had my younger brother. Now they have six children, three aren’t my moms but she still loves them and the other three are me and my younger siblings

  17. my parents don’t fall into any of these categories but they fight a lot when i say a lot i mean pretty much everyday

  18. My mom and dad are always fighting and my dad is in bisnes tripp almoust every day and my mom thinks he has a new girl friend so are they getting divorse?🤔

  19. I have two dads, but one of them doesn’t show any type of affection, it’s so sad and I feel so bad..I don’t know what to do!! I just don’t understand why he can’t even say simple words as “i love you” to the person he married.

  20. My parents are fighting well i watch this and I thought this would help but it did almost the exact opposite so now I’m pretty sure that my parent are going to get a divorce

  21. I want my dad to divorce my mom, my dad makes 5x more than my mom, but my mom acts like she owns all of it and she controls the whole family. I honestly hate her. My dad should divorce her and see how she survives

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