Details About Kelly Clarkson's Divorce Settlement

Details About Kelly Clarkson's Divorce Settlement

#KellyClarkson’s ex-husband #BrandonBlackstock got a lot out of their divorce. But I couldn’t just live off a woman like that.







  1. That’s a dang shame. That "man" come from $$ he’s Reba McIntyre’s son .. Its not like she was gonna let him starve. How she gone pay him then pay nannies to watch the kids at HER house where they WILL be living. Shameful

  2. SHE PAID TO GET OUT OF THAT MARRIAGE…I would’ve keep my kids tho…he used her as a cash cow!!

  3. KC lost in the divorce settlement but to thumb her nose at him, she need to lose about 40 lbs, get a new hair stylist & be glad she’s free of the dressed up beggar.

  4. How is that beautiful Gary she probably was the one that paid for the cars and everything else . He married her for the money because please believe if she didn’t have money like that he wouldn’t think about those kids .

  5. Thats sick,what happen to a man being a real man.He is not disabled many blue collar workers men have to pay their wives child support!

  6. How’s the man always win in California. Why is it the woman have to pay 💰 to these men? I am so baffle about that! How is it that she have to pay child support when she have the kids more than him it doesn’t make sense. She pays the child support and he keeps them two days a week probably Wednesday and on Thursday . He probably has the weekend off from keeping the kids that sucks.

  7. She has to pay her ex. She said " I’m never getting married again. Well, now she knows what it feels like, when the men have to pay. 😂😆☺

  8. My question is when will these women learn? That’s crazy. Oh well keep getting Ferderlined….✌🏾

  9. She’s actually paying a higher percentage than most men have to. Oh well she seems much happier without him. The spousal support likely won’t be permanent either.

  10. Either Kelly’s legal team is awful or she cheated or something that we don’t know about, and she’s helping keep him quiet because hooowww???

  11. She had a horrible attorney, why is he getting Child Support. He only married her for her money. I again with Rickey, men are suppose to be providers he needs to get his own 💰

  12. …Oh Hell No! Stay single and tell those bastard to get there own damn place and stay in yours. And NO Gary that’s not beautiful

  13. So how is it that she pays him when he barely sees the damn kids? What retarded ass judge decided that one? And paying him directly till 2024? For what?!?

  14. Why does she have to pay so much child support if they have joint custody and the kids are going to be staying at her house? Unless I misunderstood.

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