Difference Between Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, & Emotional Support Animals (Why I Had a Service Dog)

Difference Between Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, & Emotional Support Animals (Why I Had a Service Dog)

Please remember that not all illnesses are visible, and just because you see something on a screen, there’s so much that goes on that you don’t see.

Information discussed in the video can be found here; http://www.mollidogs.com/blog/service-dog-therapy-dog-or-emotional-support-animal

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  1. Congratulations on getting off your medication! That is a great achievement, but don’t feel bad if you need it again! Do what’s best for you and I hope you are doing well!

  2. Thank you for explaining and telling your story. You did not need to explain yourself, but I am glad you did. You are amazing ♡

  3. Oh my god you aced averything!!🤘🙂 thank you for making this video I really didn’t know what other poeple where explaining about different types of dogs , you explained everything super well

  4. Thank you for this video. I have been professionally training service , therapy and ES dogs for 22 years. here is the ADA segment of the current law as it stands. many people take terrible advantage of this law.
    "The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.Jul 1"

  5. I’ll always have anxiety. I was a very anxious child and I had normal anxiety and seperation anxiety. I can longer deal with my anxiety myself sense my depression developed. My ADD from time to time makes my anxiety unmanageable. When I can barely control what I’m thinking, it causes me to panic into a panic attack. I can literly sit there and tell myself that everything is fine but my ADD is like, "fuck you!!!" For me to calm down, I need to be with other people and just have them talking to eachother. I’ve always needed to be around people when I’m overly panicking and know damn well I don’t trust my own thoughts during those moments. I’d eventually calm down but once I get enough time to think, I’m panicking again. During a state of panic, I’d do just about anything and because of that, I don’t trust myself alone. Without my ADD medication, I would probably drive myself insane with the inability to control my thoughts.

  6. I just realized that your cats name is RoMEOW not Romeo. Lol!! That’s adorable and kind of hilarious 😝❤️

  7. I’m still on my medication for tourettes adhd ocd suvere anxiety and depression ect but yea I am mabe going to get a service dog and I’m exited

  8. I am owner training my dog to be an autism and seizure alert assistance dog and everyone tells me either you can’t owner train or that she can’t be an assistance dog because she is a cockapoo and all these people say you can’t train them for assistance work when there dogs are barely trained and mine is only 9 months but is already better behaved than theirs

  9. I have not been diagnosed with anxiety, but it is pretty bad. I got anxious just calling a pet store to see if they had a Pacman Frog (which I did a ton of research on because I don’t impulse buy). I don’t participate in many things just because of the possibilities that run through my head. It’s just outrageous what happens with your brain. Also, I was able to get the frog, and he’s doing great, but since he in new, everything I do with him scares me. Thanks for listening to me ramble!

  10. Thank you for this video. I was diagnosed in my early 20s with bipolar disorder and had a cat that was kind of an unofficial ESA. He always knew how to make me feel better when I would start having an episode. He passed away, but my cat that I have now, Luciano, is my official ESA. I actually have a doctor’s note for him and everything. It’s incredible how in tune he is with my emotions and moods. He’s my little buddy and I am so happy to have him. He’s good with children, too. He could probably be a therapy cat. Again, thank you for sharing this information.

  11. Great video! I’m new to your channel and I already am hooked. I love all the videos I’ve seen so far. I have anxiety and panic attacks also. This video was great, thanks so much for explaining the difference. Also… I just moved to Ohio a year ago and the move was not easy on me. I look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  12. I was also diagnosed with depression when I was about nine years old (I think, it’s been awhile tbh), but I just wanted to say it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come. I’m a new subscriber, but just looking at this video verses your current ones tells me a whole lot. Thanks, Maddie <3

  13. I really want to give you a hug.. everything your saying rings true to my experiences, I hope things keep looking up for you

  14. My story starts at 6:08
    DISCLAIMER; I am not a doctor and I cannot diagnose you with a disability or tell you if a service dog would benefit you. If you think that perhaps the assistance of a service dog or emotional support animal would benefit you, talk to your doctor about the right path for you! I hope you’re all able to find peace with whatever struggles you face! Lots of love <3 x

  15. Been thinking about going to a therapist about my anxiety, I think having a service dog or and ESA might be something that helps me with it

  16. I’m this is like really late but in May I was diagnosed with Epilepsy I have had 3 seizures and I’m about to see my brain doctor today! My seizures weren’t epileptic related. So my mom and I are going to the doctor just to see what is wrong with me.

  17. Where did you get Brandy’s vest?(idk how to spell her name sorry) My brothers dog just got finished with most of her training and she needs one. We’re going to bring her to the store since she’s only been trained at the pet store and park because she didn’t have public access yet and we still needed to work on her training. She totally ignores other animals and people that call out to her, she only pays attention to my family (mostly me and my brother because I was the one that trained her).

  18. No wonder I didn’t get this until now! It didn’t show up in my subscription list. I wanted to learn more about service animals for someone in my family, and this helped a lot! Thank you.
    Also, I am very glad that you are in a lot better place than you were. Your videos help me with a lot of my struggles, so, I just wanted to say thank you.
    P.S. Your dog is too cute!

  19. I have been having panic attacks since I was like 7 and I have had depression pretty much my whole life. I was intensely sexually abused my whole childhood. My mom is a hardcore christian and refuses to take me to therapy or get me completely diagnosed with anything. I used to go to therapy and on of my therapists told me I had PTSD, depression, and anxiety. My other therapist said I had all those things and OCD. I also used to take Prozac but that made me more suicidal and I took anxiety meds but my drug addicted step mother was overdosing me on them. She would give me 5-6 of them a night. It made me fail all my classes cause I was so droggy. I am homeschooled because I got kicked out because they told my mom to not bring me back till I went to therapy. I had to go to the bathroom in school a lot cause of my panic attacks. My mom never picked me up for it. I would rock back in forth in class and start hyperventilating. Being around other people is terrifying. I barely ever leave the house except to go to church and even that is a hard task. And when I have panic attacks my mom claims that I’m trying to get attention. The only thing that doesn’t scare me are my animals. I have always been scared of being alone. I don’t know how I am properly going to live on my own as an adult. I’m scared I won’t be able to leave my house. I really want a service dog to help me go into public and ease my panic attacks. But we literally don’t have any money and my mom doesn’t have a job and is a single parent. I really want a service dog.

  20. Hey Madeline I think you video is very inspiring! A lot of people suffer from different things and maybe everyone could be benefited by a emotional support animal. I have seen people who have pet domesticated bunnies for emotional support animals. It amazing you dog could give you enough confidence or emotional support to help with your panic attacks. I hear from my friends how crippling they can be. No one would ask a blind person why they have a seeing eye dog..good point !

  21. I live in California and I used to have an emotion support animal (parrot) of which I trained myself for obedience, however didn’t have any particular requirements. However, my doctors note said that I could actually legally bring my animal wherever I needed. I didn’t know that this would differ in different states

  22. i have been working with my service dog and one day a dog that was off lesh charged my dog and know she is scaed of other dogs so do you have any ideas to get het back being ok with dog again

  23. My dog is a EMS and she helps with my anxiety attack or when im scared or im crying i love my dog thank you for talking for which is the difference ❤

  24. I have schizophrenia and my pets or other animals seem to be the biggest help besides medication/therapy for me. It seems like almost a universal thing for animals to help with mental health. It’s great to hear how much your dog helped you! My dog isn’t a service animal but going home to him is my favourite thing. Nice video, I love all your animals.

  25. My cockatiel is basically an emotional Support Animal for me and helps a lot with my anxiety, she isn’t registered yet but I will get her registered for when I go to college in a few years

  26. I have autism and anxiety. For some reason my parents don’t think I should go to a therapist or anything for my anxiety. I’m thinking about getting a service Dog for my disorders. I have a problem with disassociation and when I’m in public I can’t be crowds or anything because I start tearing up and such it’s not fun. I force myself to go to school everyday and such but avoid crowded hallways and usually get lost and sometimes have full on breakdowns. Long story short I’m not entirely sure if I should get a service Dog… do you think that it could help me? I also freak out when people touch me and sometimes I get violent without thinking, but never with animals. They’re the only things that keep me sane.

  27. Wow Maddie! Thank you so much for your inspiring story! I don’t feel comfortable sharing my own story with the world, but in certain ways it’s similar to yours. Very courageous of you – thanks again.

  28. Thank you for this information! I have wanted to look into getting my snakes as emotional support animals but I’ve been kind of embarrassed to ask about it. A lot of people I know doesn’t know that I have anxiety and depression issues and I have several snakes but they just think I’m crazy but in all honesty it’s the only thing that calms me down. Medication made me feel crazier and doesn’t seem to help so when I have those attacks I usually get a snake out and handle for awhile and I immediately feel so much better. I don’t know who to talk to about the my snakes without feeling judges about it because honestly people , close to me just doesn’t understand how I feel daily. Thank you for a great video!

  29. It’s so awesome that you got your pets certified as therapy animals to help your community! I love your channel because you’re so genuine, gorgeous and kind!

  30. Thank you for this concise description on the differences of the three. I get frustrated with the whole fake service dog and all the scams for ESA and people using the I need an ESA to get around no pets policy. I really need a psychology service dog but I can’t afford one so I make due with an ESA because of that I am almost housebound. I so afraid that all these fakers are going to make it hard for the rest of us who really need them.

  31. I really feel like a service dog would help me. I have had really bad depression and anxiety for years and I get stressed out really easily. I was also diagnosed with type one diabetes (T1D) about 2 years ago which made things worse. The only problem being my school and the fear I wouldn’t be able to bring a service dog there and the price issue. With T1D a dog coupd help detect highs and lows with blood sugar and would be really helpful.

  32. This might not be a question that you can answer but would It be a good idea to bring up the thought of having a service dog to my psychologist?
    I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was first 8 and finally diagnosed when I was 14 and even though my medicine helps out, I still have extremely bad anxiety to the point where I get to scared to even try to go out places. Especially with school,due to so many anxiety attacks in public school, I had to switch to online.
    But basically, would it seem like I should bring up having a dog (service or emotional support) up as a way of help?

  33. I have a dog at home but also have ptsd and bc of that also social anxiety. and i was watching this video realising how it could help if he would be with me more sincr i never leave the house alone bc im too scared to do so. But I have no idea where to start or how.

  34. my daughter has a cat for her ptsd , so helped her to have a lovable animal around during her college years as she lives alone dealing with ptsd at 20 and having nightmares , really really help put her at ease and she has something to spoil and that gives her a hobby lol

  35. I am looking to get an emotional support dog. But I want to be able to train it to do certain tasks to support the generalized anxiety disorder, panic, depression and OCD I struggle with.. what are some tasks that you can recommend I teach my future dog to help me cope

  36. Hi Maddie, so for my speech class I am going to give a speech about the differences of service, therapy, and emotional support animals and how exactly it helps patients with illnesses. I was wondering if you have any websites or informational sources I can use to better compose my speech? id really appreciate it.
    p.s I love you and your animals sooo much.

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