Dirty Tricks In Divorce Exposed

Dirty Tricks In Divorce Exposed

Cordell & Cordell’s virtual town hall from Thursday, September 17, 2020, explores some of the dirty tricks that are used throughout the divorce process.

Cordell & Cordell CEO/Managing, Executive Partner Scott Trout chats with a nationwide panel of divorce attorneys about their experiences and some of the most unsavory tactics they’ve seen employed. They also offer tips for guys going through divorce on how to protect themselves during their case.

Additionally, the panel answers viewers’ questions about the issues they are encountering during divorce.

If you are a man facing divorce, it is a good idea to get in touch with an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

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  1. Fabulous Friday. Elated I was led here. Resources awesome. I’ll email you. Thanks again for your support 💪🏾

  2. Here is how my ex kept my kids from me after divorce.
    1) she says the kids are both sick this week. And next week too.
    2) the kids do not want to go on visitation this month.
    3) says the kids now hate you.
    The courts will not do a thing about these. You can fight in court if you have another $30,000. I did not have it because the courts already gave her the house, alimony and child support. Guys think they are starting a long, loyal family. It’s probably not going to work out that way because the man was her last pick, not the first.

  3. I believe my fathers ex wife victimized him before/during/after marriage, and took advantage of him in both his Will and divorce. I need help please. Thank you.

  4. I love the fact that these guys are actually admitting that they are a huge part of the problem as to why there is such disparity in the courts and the reason why most of DV goes undocumented. And then one of these guys admits to that by saying , if there is merit to the claim then we get in front of it by making him look good to the judge. Making claims that women largely make false claims and it it is the most abused statute….Where is the source on that? I can point you to studies that say otherwise. Really? I love how there is so much evidence that counters what is being said here. ‘We don’t want the ‘boys’ to be on the defensive…’ what a joke. Instead of talking about abuses of court system regardless of gender, you are making some pretty baseless claims against women as a whole. If someone says ‘I’m going to kill you’. Who says that anyway? This video is a JOKE and minimizes what is a glaring problem

  5. Hello, live in Dallas Tx, started living with my husband since 1999, “we” purchased a house in 2000, we filed for an informal marriage in 2011, however someway somehow, he wrote on the license that we have been living together since 2006, since he didn’t add me to the title when the house was purchased, how can I prove to the court that we have been in a common law marriage when the house was bought??

  6. here in SC, my lawyer filed under one year legal separation right before I had a PI show proof of adultery. now my lawyer will not change the grounds for divorce to adultery he wants me to keep it as one year legal separation. ———————– also, how can I get a mediation agreement changed. My lawyer and mediator practically begged me not to be demanding on my wife.

  7. This makes people look like dirtbags in general 😅 Like. Seriously…Getting a new partner before the divorce/custody hearings are even over, running up debt right when a divorce process begins, fighting over how to screw the other person financially, because, you couldn’t just let the other parent live and move on, right!

  8. What are my options if she abandoned the marriage and I’ve been left at the home we reside it’s been almost 3 years?

  9. My sister is going thru a divorce and the guy wants her to pay his attorney fees and he lied in his statement where it says during marriage was there domestic violence he said no when that’s a lie!

  10. This is why you should not get a divorce and try to work it out. This is not of our Heavenly Father. He is about peace and love.

  11. People need to suffer negative consequences for malicious abuse of process. I have been arrested 9 times on 12 bogus charges. No divorce. Order of protection from third circuit court circumvent juvenile CT. Custody orders. Lies and misrepresentation galore. People who cannot afford attorneys deserve justice. I did no better with an attorney—worse probably, since the Court of appeals did not even consider any material facts that my lawyer made sure were in the record for appeal. M2018-01941-COA-R3-JV Tennessee.

  12. My wife is trying to take out a mortgage loan with my name attached, we have been separated for almost a year and are in the process of divorce. I have not given her power of attorney and was not present for the application process. We are in Nebraska and I would like to know if this is legally possible.

  13. Child Services and Family Court are an industry where children are the currency, and taking children is extraordinarily lucrative.
    Mother’s have a higher percentage of children in their care than fathers. Hence so many more single mothers are targeted by Child Services and Family Court as the single mothers are deemed easy pickings.

    When it’s a Family Court dispute between parents the game is set against the concerned parent because that makes the concerned parent fight harder, which entangles the parties in court battles that will drag out for years guaranteeing all the gamers have another stream of income set. Most concerned parents will be the mothers because generally it’s seen that males are often the physical abuser in relationships and so mothers file the concerns. The players turn on the concerned parent. That makes the concerned parent (often the mother) fight harder to prove their case. Hence the legal fight has had petrol thrown on it by the industry gamers.

    The Family Court has been Hijacked, and the Family Court Judges whom previously were Family Court lawyers playing the same scam are now the Mafioso Dons at the head of the Cartel.

    The custody switch, by targeting the concerned parent, banks on the protective/concerned parent most likely willing to spend any amount of money to continue fighting for the safety of their child while the Family Court players and scammers rake in the cash.

    Without a doubt the Family Court has been hijacked by an orchestrated Family Court Cartel, whom are committing corrupt commercial domestic terrorism through the use and abuse of law for pecuniary gain.

    In the Family Court and Child Services children are a commodity. They are withheld so the legal fight will drag on and keep their industry healthily employed and their coffers full.

    Families and the wider community need to understand the alienated parent is most often not the abuser!

    The Family Court can be a toxic environment that entraps parents in a web of entanglement.
    In most businesses, you want to harvest the low hanging fruit, as it is cost effective, requires minimal output, and generates good income. Lawyers know this, its their bread and butter.

    Family Court lawyers have mastered the Art of gaslighting the parties once in the Family Court. They then create a legal entanglement, and milk the parents in a web that will often drag proceedings out for 2-5+ years. By the end of it one if not both parents will have lost most of their accumulated wealth, and at least one is likely to have lost a home. The lawyers will have moved the wealth to them via streams of Court filings, and applications. Often the concerned parent will be targeted with accusations of malicious notifications, and "emotional" abuse. Lawyers will even run "Potential emotional abuse", they don’t even have to prove it in the Family Court. It’s enough that they raise it as a possible risk. Not probable, nor likely, but "possible". These lawyers, and the parent not being targeted can even accuse the other parent of mental illness, and the Court will act on that concern. Then Specialist report writers will come in and often back up that concern and rubber stamp it for the majority group targeting the sole parent.

    Why do they do this?
    If you target a genuine concerned parent, and disbelieve their concern for a child’s safety that will cause the concerned parent to try harder to prove the concerns are valid and real.
    The lawyers, Child Services, Specialist report writers and Judges then often push back harder on the sole parent defending the safety of their child. Eventually they push the parent into supervised contact, or no contact at all. That causes the parent to fight even harder for the child, and meanwhile the cash registers keep ringing.

    Its an evil system that is abused by those on the gravy train. They hold children for ransom over the heads of parents that will spend every last dollar they have attempting to save their children.

    Many of these parents run out of finances in the first 1-3 years, and then if lucky they secure Legal Aid, but either end up with a junior lawyer, or if they are lucky to have a senior lawyer, that lawyer often wont put the necessary hours in that the web of entanglement requires. Your legal aid becomes depleted before you get to the substantive Hearing. Your lawyer becomes difficult and you are pushed until you remove your file from the firm and look for another lawyer. Because your legal aid is now gone, you have to prove further legal aid is warranted and justified. It is at this stage you will struggle to get a lawyer, because you had one, they didn’t do the work they should have, and a new lawyer will be reluctant to pick up the file left over from a previous lawyer. These lawyers prefer fresh picking$…

    So, you self represent. At this point the lawyers and Judge’s whom were previously senior Family Court lawyers playing the game, see you as a hopeless case that hasn’t come to accept you have lost. You are now bumped around in the court with numerous judicial conferences and round table meetings, reports undertaken, and pressure put on you. You either break, and then they gleefully say "see, we called it right early on, they have mental issues…", or you give up and walk away from your child, or at worst, take your life. If you survive, they will beat you down with an award against you for Legal costs, which they will throw on you now you aren’t protected by legal aid.

    That is the sad reality of the destruction caused by Child Services and the Family Court gravy train Rort where children are the currency.

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