DISORDER In The Court! Case Gets Physical In Court As He Denies Kid (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

DISORDER In The Court! Case Gets Physical In Court As He Denies Kid (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Austin v Wallace: A chicago,IL man who bounces between two women returns to court to prove that he did not father the youngest child of one of his lovers.

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DISORDER In The Court! Case Gets Physical In Court As He Denies Kid (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Season 3, Episode 47

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  1. Man karma a B….in the previous episode, she took him from the WIFE now she going through the same thing she put the wife through now with Kendralyn & acting like she not understanding???…..she thought it was cute on the other episode with her, him, & the wife. Not judging, I just hope she learn from this.

  2. They need some kind of help. They all came from broken homes and now they are starting broken homes.

  3. This is disgusting! These people having kids after kids….no job…no responsibility……and the women….DUMP HIS BUNS!

  4. What in the H___ is he doing to these women. I mean he disrespect all of them. Sometime you got to lose in order to win. I know it’s going to hurt, but let him go, he don’t mean any of y’all any good. As long as you all give in to him, he going to keep on hurting you all. He don’t care about any of you all. He love having y’all act a fool over him. Call JESUS and ask him to help you all get this man out of y’all life. This man is a sick no good for nothing man. Please it’s going to hurt, but let him go.

  5. Ranyall Wallace doesn’t care about y’all and yet y’all running behind him like the Duck and her ducklings.

  6. He got the wrong women in his life. He need somebody to beat the color off his a__. He should have had me, in my younger days. I would have put some on him that grandpa washing powder couldn’t take off of his A__. LORD forgive me but I cannot stand any man that mistreat a woman. O and I do have a problem with men.

  7. That’s no man it’s a child! Both women need to leave and find a real man to be a father figure to their kids

  8. This dude stay on paternity court. If it’s not on here he’s on Maury. He got about 8 or 9 now

  9. He keeps leaving you, but you keep letting him back in. Don’t point fingers. You are BOTH at fault.
    The sad part is that they are using this situation to get attention and resources instead of taking parenting and their irresponsibility seriously. Ugh. Judge Lauren is so classy and she has so much patience. I don’t know how she does it.

  10. Those tears are real, his day is coming and he will reap what he sow. He going to be sorry some day. I don’t understand why Judge Lake feel so sorry for him. Now he yelling, telling Judge Lake you taking her side, like he’s a little boy who someone taking his bag of chips. He has the mind of a child, and these women’s popping out babies like popcorn.

  11. Hurt people do hurtful things, he is just a hurtful man that want to hurt people for his satisfaction. He’s addicted to attention and he’s quick to point finger whenever he’s is causing the in unstable action. Egotism, narcissistic apathy individual,… I understand the situation, but it’s very difficult fit me to feel sorry for him… But I know he can’t help it and he’s trying🤷🏿‍♂️😣

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