Divorce a missing spouse | Divorce by Publication in Georgia

Divorce a missing spouse | Divorce by Publication in Georgia

Want a Divorce but can’t find your spouse? What is divorce by publication in Georgia?

Welcome to our channel and today’s video is about Divorce a missing spouse, Divorce by Publication in Georgia, tips from Georgia family law attorney.

Our Family Law Attorney gives advice about how to file for Divorce when your Spouse has abandoned you, dodges service or when you don’t know where they are!
Divorce a missing spouse you can’t find:

You can ask the court to serve your spouse by publishing a legal notice in a newspaper. The court requires you take certain steps. You have to search the DMV, post office, board of elections, all five branches of the military, telephone directories and the internet.

Once you have completed your search and the judge is satisfied with your search you then be allowed to published your legal notice. You will need to publish the notice once a week for three weeks.

If there is no response in the allowed time you can then proceed on the divorce by default. This will end up costing more than the typical divorce.
You can still get a Divorce even if you don’t know where your Spouse is.

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  1. I was approved a summons publication. I’m in Utah and need to run a notice in the paper here. How do I word the ad?

  2. I have been trying to get a divorce for almost 7 years. my husband is in louisiana, I have been in Ga since 2013,I do not now where he is, only last known address can i still do this? i do not want anything like child support, just my name back and be free.

  3. I’m in Dekalb county. I literally just filed an affidavit for service by public notification last night, uploaded on Odyssey eFile, it got accepted this morning. He’s been PURPOSELY avoiding being served, not answering the door. It’s more than one way to cook chicken 💡

  4. This video has really helped me with information needed, I am calling later this morning to book an appointment with you.

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  6. My spouse said that they was going to put a divorce notice in the news paper on Friday (I’ve heard this story before) but I have all the original paperwork from the marriage. I was married in Fulton county but live out of state due to unforeseen circumstances. I sent a email a few weeks ago on the website but I haven’t gotten a response…

  7. What if my husband posted a publication. He says he cant find me but clearly has all my info. How do u respond

  8. Thank you and yes I am getting a divorce was married 31years and he has a older girlfriend I found that out by watching I left him and thanks for your info

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