Divorce after 50 and Stay at Home Moms: Finding the Confidence to Leave an Unfulfilled Marriage

Divorce after 50 and Stay at Home Moms: Finding the Confidence to Leave an Unfulfilled Marriage

Are you contemplating divorce after 50 but don’t have the confidence to leave an unfulfilled marriage? Leaving an unhappy marriage after 50 can be terrifying, especially when you have been a stay at home mom (or stay at home dad) for decades and never earned your own money. How do you find your value? Today, Intentional Living Expert Diane Forster outlines the first steps to take to address your financial fears, discover what it is you really want, and reinvent your life after 50 when you have been a stay at home mom (or dad).

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  1. Running a household and keeping your family successful requires a lot of skills and discipline. Unfortunately, you cannot gain employment for all that hard work.

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  4. Good points here..this is not a simple minded issue…Find the passion first……don’t just always link it to begin, with money…explore what allows you to find a passion that allows you to embrace your inner goodness and self compassion….THAT…is the key…then, work a financial benefit into the equation.
    Takes some creativity, and being honest with oneself. And sadly, many people are dealing with fear…fear is the root issue here…And, us men are in the picture too….

  5. What if you’re 59. I did lots of stuff and people who were working are having trouble getting jobs.

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  7. Unfortunately when you have a child who has down syndrome and can’t work it sucks. The judge said I can and haven’t worked in 30 years. Over 55. The amount of alimony I recieve is less than it cost for adult day care, which is 1500 per month. How does any stay at home parent do this. It’s almost like having a kid with a disability is bad thing and I regret not giving her up. It’s so messed up.

  8. What about health insurance, dental insurance, eye insurance, a home, repairs ? When your this age your health begins to have more needs? No skills equal low pay and no benefits.

  9. I left a marriage with nothing. My mom at the time was going to help me get a subsidized housing apartment and I needed her name as a guarantee that someone could pay my rent. I went back to work at my old job part time to pay for the apartment. I talked my husband to put in writing that he was giving me $500 a month to help get the apartment which wasn’t an easy feat. I got the apartment and then my mom got gravely ill. I was stuck and I charged everything including my daughter’s and my health insurance.

    I told my daughter that we were only going to buy healthy food and snacks which was a lot of cheerios and the like. I bought her the healthy organic fruit and I ate the organic fruit off the last sell clearance shelf. The reason I tried to eat right was that I was and still am having health problems after I had my gall bladder out and I was postmenopausal. One day I walked across the street and applied at the food bank in the church. I sat there being silly quietly crying.

    My mom sadly did not recover from her infection and told us it was her time to die. I got myself together as fast as I could and was able to be with her at the end. We were able to move her to her home and she died on the same day. During this period of time my ex did not help or participate in the funeral. He was not an ex at the time. From my mom she passed I received some of her assets and I was able to start getting up on my feet. I was depressed about my marriage and the passing of my mom so I thought I’d just wait for my lease to come up and then move. That was until I came home one night and the police were looking for bullet casings in the outside wall of our bedrooms and in the grass in front of my apartment. While we were gone there had been a gun fight in front of my apartment and in our breezeway. I lived in subsidized housing for 9 months. Growing up in a middle class neighborhood I saw a lot and learned a lot. Made a good friend and had the support of another friend who lived there.

    That said I would do it again. My ex isn’t a bad guy but because of things that happened before and after we met in his home country he has had a lot of trauma. He chose to self medicate to numb the pain. I also helped support his family in Iraq which I don’t regret but I do regret not keeping more of my earnings for myself. Everyone woman should have an emergency fund. I realized when I was in my early 50s that if I got any sicker than I already was that I was going to be on my own. I, also, realized that I was missing out not having the type of relationship that I wanted. I had tried my best to be the best wife I could and I tried to get my exhusband to get help but he wouldn’t. I do feel bad that my daughter was along for the ride but she was the one who was the canary in the mine. She told me early on when she was in middle school I love you both but I don’t like you. Also, she told me you are both adults but I highly recommend you don’t get back together. That was when she was in high school.

    I separated for 1 1/2 years and was divorced at 2 years. I have been divorced for 2 but haven’t started dating. I joined a interest meetup and now I am the organizer. I met some very nice men all too young to date but they made me realize by the way they treated me that there are men out there that will do nice things for no reason. It gave me some hope.

    So I say if they don’t think they can do it they have to ask themselves can the continue living half a life only getting half or no love at all. Most of us would say no. Whether one stays in a bad marriage or leaves a bad marriage it will be painful. I won’t lie it felt like my insides were being pulled out of my body but now I come to an apartment where I don’t have to deal with someone who is drinking or not aware of how he is not really into the marriage. I now am almost over all the anger toward my ex and we can sit in the same room without causing any harm. I treat him as a human being I used to be in love with and the father of my child. We just couldn’t make it for a lifetime together.

    P.S. Long story…

  10. I asked for divorce by the age of 50
    But luckily my ex-husband did not want a divorce, he hanged himself insteadt

  11. I think it is very lovely to say how wonderful and important a stay at home mom is and how some of the skills should translate into a job…unfortunately it doesn’t. As a woman over 50 entering the workforce for the first time looking for a job that will provide for myself and my two sons I find that putting "I am so unique and multi-talented and I don’t have a four year degree and I have not held a full time job in 30 years but I have so many skills that I am sure will translate well" Doesn’t fill up your email box. Then you are going up against new grads, younger people, and people who have been working at their career for 10 – 20 years. "Being an old" mom (and that is how you are viewed when the person you interview with is your oldest child’s age) who can run the PTA, keeps a nice house, has organization skills that are crazy awesome isn’t exactly an asset anyone is looking for. We are expected to work at Target, babysit, dog walk, clean houses…You can’t feed a family like that.

  12. This is terrible advice. When I was in my mid fifties, i tried to change carriers. I have recommendations. A four year degree. Own multiple properties. Zero criminal record. Very healthy tall and strong. Nobody would hire me. Age discrimination in the workforce is very real. Also every family man sacorifices his personal interests everyday for his family and as it becomes more widely known that wemen will initiate divorce because there wants are not being foefilled fewer and fewer men are going to take on the responsibility of marraige and good lduck finding the type of man you want after fifty because now situation is reversed men of value hold all the best cards.

  13. Blah blah blah. Married 33 years, 32 years no paying job. Will I end up homeless? I’m not good at anything.

  14. SAHMs in their 20s and 30s need to watch this video because many of them can’t fathom that they could end up divorced and forced back into the workforce.

  15. It’s really great to see women taking authority over their lives, it’s real sexy to see a woman who knows who she is and is working to fulfil her destiny and be the best woman she can be

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