Divorce And Immigration – Divorce Before Green Card vs Divorce After Green Card

Divorce And Immigration – Divorce Before Green Card vs Divorce After Green Card

Divorce and immigration, as much as one hates to admit, is a common pairing. In other words, unfortunately, not every green card marriage lasts forever.

The permanent residence through marriage process is long, and has many points, at various stages where a divorce between the couple can cause the entire green process to crumble.

Thus, getting a divorce before a green card is one of the biggest fears of an immigration spouse. The spouse wonders if this will be used against him or her and if the government will place this on thei list of potential green card marriage scams.

Getting a divorce after a green card is also a big worry for wives and husbands of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents.

The fear of a green card marriage divorce is real.

Many couples find that being in love is quite different than living with the person you love. Sometimes, the difficulty is insurmountable, and the hopes for permanent residence through marriage dies along with the relationship.

Even without a divorce, the green card process is not a simple process.

The prospect of going through a divorce before green card or even a divorce after green card can have a major negative effect on your immigration status.

As a result, the impact of divorce on a green card marriage differs depending on the stage of the marriage green card process in which the couple is currently involved with.

For example, if the immigrant spouse is hoping to apply for a green card is not in the same situation as a spouse who is experiencing a conditional green card divorce crisis.

A divorce after conditional green card status is granted can likewise present problems if you plan to apply for citizenship at some point.

In these types of cases, it is wise to seek out an immigration divorce lawyer for assistance.

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  1. I am married but separated, can I be informed of my husbands immigration case? I haven’t known any information in his case since we’ve separated , it has been 1 year since we’ve separated . But we are still legally married

  2. I’m glad I found you here. I do have question regarding k1after 90days married. My sister came over in seattle with her son within 90days they married on May 2017 but then the marriage was not successful within a few weeks of married they sent him bavk to Philippines she had a hard time with her husband with involved abused her. My sister can’t take anymore she went to her neighbor ask help to call the pulis to take her out from her husband house on Jun 2017 my sister and her son go back to Philippines within a couple months she received a divorce papers which was she signed and sent back to him I got the copy certified copy of their divorce. How can we solve this problem over the immigration in the Philippines incase she wants to come back to the USA. PLEASE help thank you

  3. Hello
    My visa class is CR1 my question is why in my cover sheet down my case number they wrote IR1. ?
    Thanks again

  4. I been married in 2018 8 months later I was arrested for 30 minutes because I buy phone from undercover then immigration send me over stay then I apply petition and it’s approved then my last hearing day it’s in January 2022 but before that if my wife divorce me what can happens in hearing day with the judge?

  5. Have a friend that missed her 2nd interview, because they didn’t get the notice in the mail and now denied because of non appearance. The decision letter they received says they can file a motion to reopen. My question is, how will this be done.

  6. My name is Marie Fritts im from canada im married to an american for 18 years i been living here in us for approximately 24 years and have been working and paying taxes i recently lost myn job due to status i been trying to get a citizenship status but finamces havemt been good and now new laws i need advice

  7. Hello sir my case is very difficult
    My husband apply her x wife immigrant visa then they divorce and cancelled visa case then marry to me and apply next immigration visa for me now we are in trouble can u plz help and guid pizza

  8. What should you do if the beneficiary files the i-130 without the citizen knowing? She used the personal documents in the household to file the petition for herself and her kids without her spouses knowledge. Should he file fraud?

  9. Sir, I’m a 10 year green card holder & married for 3 years with my us citizen husband…we got married outside of USA..but I am living in NY with my husband here for 1 year… and now we just can’t get along.. but my husband doesn’t want to divorce me.. if I give him a no-fault divorce now ,will it affect my permanent residency anyway ?

  10. What if someone got married in 2011 got the 10 year green card in 2015 then divorced in 2020, how soon can that person file for citizenship on their own,

  11. What happens if you file an I-485 and you were denied now you want to refile and i485 do you have to pay a waiver fee and how much is the waiver fee to refile

  12. Hi, thank you for taking the time and creating this very helpful video. If I may, there’s one situation that wasn’t talked about in the video. I’m wondering what are the concerns if you already removed the conditional, granted the 18month extension and want to file for divorce? the marriage was in good faith but living together became a nightmare. What should the green card holder be aware of before filing for divorce so the green card status is not in jeopardy?
    Thank you

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  15. You can contact Fred to help you too on ( WhatsApp : +1 650 246 9893 )… you’ll get your green card done withing 3 working days with him at a chaep price to win….

  16. Crazy, because I’m going through that now. Our marriage was on a high that we both thought we would never get a divorce, and out of no where she doesn’t want to work out problems anymore and now I have no choice but to get a divorce, and we already signed the petition to remove her temporary status, but never had the interview. I just wish her the best of luck that she doesn’t get deported abd is able to choose her way as oppose to having it forced upon her.

  17. I’ve googled this and all I’ve seen are things that cater to immigrants. My question is what happens to a U.S. citizen after divorcing an immigrant? Can you get divorced in the States if you get married in another country? What happens if I have a child that’s born outside of the States? Am I obligated to support my ex if we get a divorce?

  18. Thank you so much for your shared around the immigrant issue,

    So, my sister, she came American by K-1 and after she married in 90 and now she just finished a fingerprint, but she not get interview yet?

    So my question if she suffering with her marred and not get long together?

    So will she still get a 2-year green card?? Sir.

  19. Hi sir…how r u?I want to ask u some information about 10 year green card…my process is continoue of 10 year green card but my wife d’nt live with me more i try so many time that we can spend life togather and i give him all rights but she wants divorce…if i give him divorce,is there any problem in my green card process?secondly she give me so much threat that i will arrest u if u not going from here..she give me so much tention about my card and said me that i will creat so many problems in your interview they will not give you any chance…sir what step i have need to take pls help me…

  20. Doctor, my conditional green card is going to expire in 2 months and my wife and I are separate. I think we’re going to send the divorce papers this week but the question is: do you recommend to fill the i751 and mark like I’m divorced?

  21. I got my green card 10 years and have a baby.But my husband leave from the home and he live with someone else and he’s waiting for a baby. But we are still again married can I apply for a divorce?And if i apply I can lose my 10 years green cart?Thank you!

  22. I appreciate the video as it is very timely. Your audio has a high pitch "chirp" which occurs when you say certain words or become too close to the microphone. I just thought you’d like to know as your video is well done and with this exception, exceptional.

  23. I haven’t filed taxes in 3 years iam a citizen and want to marry overseas and want to bring my spouse home would she have a problem getting a green card

  24. Thanks so much for all your updates and info.
    I was invited for biometrics early April, but it was cancelled due to covid-19.
    I learnt the USCIS service center offices have opened since early August but I haven’t heard anything from them.
    Please how long would it take to it take them to reschedule and invite me for my biometrics appointment?

  25. What if we got divorced 6 months after successfully removed conditions (10-year gc holder)? Would it be a problem applying for n400 basing on the 5-year residency?

  26. What if the Inmigrant files for divorce after 6 months not me the US citizen after she received the 2 year conditional? She has recordings of us arguing like a normal couples do?

  27. Hi carlos let’s say I have my permanent residence and I got divorce a year later is any issue to renew my residence in 10 years ?. Thanks

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