Divorce and Your Money – An Interview with Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Shawn Leamon

Divorce and Your Money – An Interview with Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Shawn Leamon

Divorce and Your Money – An Interview with Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Shawn Leamon

In this video, founding partner and Florida divorce attorney, Christian Denmon, interviews Shawn Leamon, who is a certified divorce financial analyst and the host of a podcast called Divorce and Your Money. The purpose of this interview is to provide our clients, future clients or anyone going through the divorce process a resource to turn to when faced with questions regarding divorce. There are two different phases we see people who are going through this process need help when it comes to divorce and money. I mention that in this video and then let Shawn help educate us with his experience and knowledge. There are clients that right at the very beginning of the process, in anticipation of a divorce, or in anticipation really of a separation, where they have one household and they’re getting ready to potentially move into two households, and they have to figure out how to budge for it. Plan for it and make the right decisions with their finances. That’s kind of one bucket where we dive into in this video as well as other scenarios. Watch to learn more.

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