Divorce Attorney Call In Show! What Is Your Marital Situation?

Divorce Attorney Call In Show! What Is Your Marital Situation?

Problems with your wife or girlfriend? Problems with your boyfriend or husband? You normally wouldn’t have the chance to speak with a 20 year divorce attorney for free about your situation. You do now. Domestic violence against both genders, infidelities, paternity fraud, modern women and social media–I have seen it all. I have counseled men and women on their relationships for 2 decades: I have seen what works, and what does not. CALL IN with your situation.






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  1. TLA. In all honesty, you and kev are the missing link I needed when it comes to certain aspects about life growing up without a father. 💯

  2. Five years and at 26 making 170k ? She might say let me leave him and find someone who is not a millionaire but has more money than her and wants children.

  3. Shy Guy is "the one" for some lucky and attentive girl out there, he is too precious!! My type 100% he’s adorable and he can keep his glasses and his camo!! These other dudes are distracted lol

  4. Don I know it’s easier said than done. First base fine. They just proved they not worthy of 2nd base. Be okay with that. Trash take itself out. They save you a lot of grief.
    Unfortunately you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find that one.
    In life you got to filter the good people from the bad people. Learn the difference.
    In a nutshell you can be too good for a person. They not good enough for you.
    Like the attorney said. In your 30s is going to flip.
    In the meantime enjoy your first and only dates. Don’t go out for the first date.
    When they start acting materialistic. Run

  5. Dude had his girlfriend for 5 years? He doesn’t want to marry her. And all he talks about is money and children like an investment portfolio

  6. For DonTheShyGuy 22-year old, he needs to really look at the quality of the girls that he is attracted to and change it to ones that have a little more substance because at 22, hot girls are dating older men, athletes, dudes with swag and you can’t persuade them off of their game because they get so much attention. Avoid them altogether and go after girls who are nice enough looking but have some moral standards. All of the types of girls who ghosted you now, avoid them forever. Even after you get your shit together, they will have so much baggage that it is not worth the risk. Start going after nice girls and get some contact lens. Your D should only be an advisor on your choice of girls because you need to be more analytical about it to avoid wasting your time and pursue your professional interests. If you are shy, that is the best route to take and stick with those types of girls because they are going to make better wives, if you are interested in that stuff. Avoid all of the hot girl, modern women, sometimes feminists. They are exercising their power and you will always be last in their book. Godspeed.

  7. She’s 27 and sounds like she’s in the 5th grade. After 2 years of marriage and after over 2 years of knowing each other they rushed into everything without planning things out.

  8. Você citou o brasil em um dos últimos vídeos e agora comecei a te acompanhar. É muito bom ver pessoas de outras culturas parando pra aprender um pouco da nossa. If you want some help with your Portuguese i’d be glad to help
    Venha visitar a gente quando o bolsonaro sair do poder, o país vai estar mais alegre do que nunca

  9. Be careful with the words assets and liabilities. For men that is character and integrity other positive tangibles. For women it means monetary value and material things like trips,shoes,bags. Be careful.

  10. For the 22 year old… kudos to you for asking for and getting dates. Keep practicing your dating skills, you will get better at it.

  11. What the hell is wrong with YouTube that I only found Lead by Joe Smithe compilation. I love this person!! Hell with lawyer this is a solid dude!! 💯

  12. YES. I loved it. Hopefully, I can catch the next one. I’d love your opinion on my experience.

  13. I’m I the only person that say “Leeaaadddd Attoorrrrnnneeeyyyy” the same time Lead does at the start of every video?? 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Great Stream! I’m very happy to see you growing and doing your thing although I’m just still a little sad cause I know KS had big plans with you and DS and MTR! Salute to you all and keep it up.

  15. 📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢
    I’ll post what I can remember I typed earlier:
    – man up. Plain and simple
    – you have to be #1 priority in your life. If you don’t respect nor value yourself people going to walk and stomp all over you.
    – you can be nice, but people have to earn it, don’t give anything for free
    – get rid of your goofy accessories and that shirt make you look like the 🔫🔫 brothas from DC and a school 🔫. You don’t need expensive clothes to look good. Important thing is to get clothing that fits your body well. Get your hair cut or trimmed on a regular basis. Make sure your nails are short and smooth…you don’t want to scratch the insides of the baby ovens. Expensive edp colognes aren’t a necessity at your age/budget. Get something fresh for daytime and something masculine, spicy, woody for night, or all day on the days you’re feeling yourself and you want the world to know it. I get stuff on sale or with discount code, or that nice employee discount if you have a friend that has a friend that works at one of those places. Don’t purchase cologne strictly from online reviews go to a place that sells what you’re thinking of and ask if they have a tester; spray it on and see how long it lasts and if you get any compliments.
    – visualize the person you see yourself becoming with your goals achieved; then carry yourself that way, understanding that this is simply a transition phase.
    – exercise make it part of your life it’s incredibly important and crucial for your health and quality of life as you age. You don’t need a gym. When I was in high school I used to exercise with empty milk gallon containers. I added or poured out water depending on the exercise. Squats #1 lower body exercise. Build up the cardio.
    – listen to Patrice O’Neil stand up comedy, radio shows, and interviews. This guy man valuable information for free.
    – focus on yourself and your goals. A girl can’t be higher than #2 in your life because you must be #1 always.
    – girls can sense desperation and neediness; it’s sign of a beta, insecure weak man. In general, girls don’t find that attractive. Be assertive, make the decisions, don’t leave things upto her. You are naturally supposed to be the leader.
    You can still be laid back and chill….the key thing is to be assertive and be firm.
    – whose on first? You and stuck. Something you’re either not doing right or forcing the situation. Are you still cool with any of the girls? Ask for FEEDBACK. What did you do right? What did you do wrong? And just LISTEN and learn. Don’t explain or attempt to justify anything. Just learn from it and thank them for their time and honesty.
    – if it’s your breathe that’s an easy fix. Buy a stainless steel tongue scraper, after brushing your teeth you scrape your tongue 👅 all the way from the back. If it’s very bad, then brush your tongue like you do the teeth.
    – the more muscle you have the less you will have to talk, it gets to a point you don’t have to make any effort they just come to you. I’m saying that from experience. I don’t have any game because I didn’t need it but I just got out of many years long abusive toxic relationship with a cute innocent looking narcissist. So it’s time to Make LION Great Again!
    – no matter how cute a girl is, don’t stay with them if they don’t: appreciate, respect, value you.
    – when you approach a girl, if you can tell she ain’t feeling you just let it go, don’t force things. Be happy you made the effort.

    I’m sure I left things out but YT probably erase this too.

  16. Ankle biter, not a good sign. I am concerned. She needs therapy seriously. She needs a support group immediately. She probably needs a medication. It has been 7 months. She seems so sweet, she needs a hug.

  17. Mama Bear needs to ask her therapist to help her find a support group immediately. Not only with others who have had Post part um, but also a second Mommy group for fun. She needs to get out and enjoy her baby with her husband as well. Get a calendar and plan you and your husband time with and without your baby. Involve him in your hugs and love. You need it and he needs it. Both need to bond with the baby. Feeding, changing, holding, laughing and talking to baby. Help her immediately if you know her or are near her. I would if I was.

  18. The chick that is not having sex with her husband is too much work. If my wife is not fucking me because she is depressed I gotta leave or at least go get a mistress.

  19. My brother is correct 💯!!! Just keep grinding and wait till your older!!! It’s a total 180 from your teens and 20s

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