Divorce Attorney Duluth | 1st Tip to Protect Businesses During the Divorce Process

Divorce Attorney Duluth | 1st Tip to Protect Businesses During the Divorce Process

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In this video find out more information about the 1st Tip to Protect Businesses During the Divorce Process.

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Hi, this is Dave Ward of the Ward Law Firm. We protect business owners facing divorce. And we are going to be discussing three tips for business owners to help protect their business through the divorce process. 

Number one is going to be keeping good business records. If you’re familiar with any of our other materials, you’ll know one of the things that we talk about is the importance of record keeping and the role they play in being able to present your case.

A divorce case, like any other case, is a lawsuit. It’s just a particular kind of lawsuit. And you’re going to be in a situation whether it’s at a hearing or at a trial where you’re going to have to prove certain things and invariably where a business is concerned, the best way to do that is going to be having good business records.

The reason why good business records are also important is, chances are they are going to be some disputes over things like the value of the business, how much income it’s producing, these types of things. Keeping good business records helps keep the other party or your spouse from being able to challenge the things that you’re putting forward when you’re presenting your evidence about your income, your expenses, and other valuation type issues because they’re all going to be dependent on this. So maintaining good records is job number one. 

If you’re interested in learning more, call the information below and we can set up a time to do a real case analysis for you.

I’m Dave Ward, from the Ward Law Firm, and we protect business owners facing divorce.

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Whether your divorce involves asset and debt division, financial support, or child custody, the mental and emotional toll can be overwhelming. Having a complete and honest assessment of what to expect throughout the divorce process substantially reduces the doubt and uncertainty that many people experience. Gwinnett County divorce attorney David Ward has the experience to know that even the most complex issues have solutions, and he fights to ensure that your best interests remain the focus.

It is vital to pursue legal matters carefully and consciously with an experienced family lawyer like David Ward who will guide and keep you informed as your case progresses. Unlike most divorce lawyers in Gwinnett County, David Ward has a strong background in finance and accounting. He uses his deep understanding of finances to tackle complex situations regarding property and asset division.

We know that there are few situations in life that are more difficult than divorce. The decisions you make early on in your case may affect you and your children’s lives well into the future. We understand the difficulties you are now facing and we want you to know that we are here to help. In fact, our Duluth law firm has been helping folks just like you work through their divorces and family law issues for over a decade. Contact a divorce attorney Duluth or a Gwinnett County family law attorney today at 770-383-1973 to schedule your REAL Case Analysis.

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