Divorce Attorney EXPOSES Cop's FINE BABY MAMA In Child Support Trial!

Divorce Attorney EXPOSES Cop's FINE BABY MAMA In Child Support Trial!

Here we go again! Let’s walk together through a child support hearing. Learn what a 20-year divorce attorney thinks about during a child support trial. Are you in danger of having a child support hearing against you? Check this out and learn a point or two about how litigators think.

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  1. But this is her first child too. She’s also learning but still gets full custody. Crazy!

  2. I’m 99% sure, the father must’ve said something that was, so hurtful, yet so true, that it probably gives her nightmares. Daddy is cool, calm, and collected, and nothing makes a chicken head, more irate than arguing with someone who has common sense.

    she made up feeing unsafe
    she made up being threatened by a police officer plus her reason for not letting him see his son.
    and the duzzie was her reasons for not letting the father see his son. the judge just burned her when he asked if an attny from the AG’s office advised her to not let the father see his son? it was pure poetry to see her himhaw all over the place trying to come up with a decent enough response.
    see you can get on the stand and feel any way you want to justify your case .

  4. The baby shower gifts did last probably a good 3 months or more our families together helped us so much & my baby shower was during 2020 so a lot of people were scared to be around others because of Covid it was a drive by baby shower if it was a normal one & other family could actually go we would’ve had even more lol

  5. This judge is nice , he cook this one person for lying about her address, when she was trying to get cs from other city..he through the case out..

  6. this was hilarious and im right there with u in your commentary…but why the hell does he have a new girl already if the kid is only a few months old…(not sure if its a fact he does)…honestly he deserves some sort of penalty for creating another broken home.

    and if he kicked her out for another girl, then he DID kick his son out. well he did that anyway.

  7. Judge should have ruled no child support until the child has bonded with the father. I’ll bet her assessment changes really fast.

  8. Gentlemen, this shows not only how the woemen you decide to have your children with WILL use those kids as weapons against you but, how the courts allow them to. They are always looking for free ride at our expense. Men need to stop giving these leeches and parasites that opportunity.

  9. Malachi 4:5-6
    Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children back to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”

  10. Damn $950 that’s tough
    I’m trying to get through this video I’m 45 min in but this guy talks too much lol like I do want to hear what he has to say but damn

  11. The half way point for me and my baby momma, was Atlanta since she stays in Florida an me Illinois..

  12. You forgot he is a black man, and the system does not want our black fathers to raise our black sons.🤦🏽‍♀️

  13. She talkin about the gun he is 6months old in a walker he can’t do shit to that gun bitter bitch this case is a job should give dad the baby she use in that Lil baby az a pond to hurt the dad and its sad

  14. You pause too much dude, it’s not as if you’re ugly or annoying, you’re a nice dude, but id rather enjoy the case and hear your comments every now and then. Not all the time, forgetting what was the last thing they said

  15. 50/50, women will say all guys who want their kids and fight always get 50/50.
    Lets see, He shows up with a Lawyer, she shows up with NO lawyer, and somehow she still gets the primary custody. He basically came ready and prepared. 50/50 my ass.

  16. I got so many diapers and wipes at my baby shower I was good for 8 months. People bought all sizes of diapers. My son was potty trained by the time he was 1.

  17. I love this content, but the constant sirens and interruptions got to be WAY too much. Thanks for doing this though.

  18. I feel so sorry for these good men out here. This is why I can’t do any of this to my ex husband. I need him to be the one good man with a good father coparent relationship even if sometimes I hafto bite my lip.

  19. Mothers are re creating slavery affects to our CHILDERN. Not sharing isn’t caring child has needs too

  20. Please please tell me that this case was found in favour of the father but, looking at the pinned comment that it didn’t go that way. I hate woman that play like this and use their child as a weapon. My heart goes out to this father. Love From Scotland xxxx

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