Divorce Attorney (Jennifer Pratt, Esq.)

Divorce Attorney (Jennifer Pratt, Esq.)

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Tonight we will bring on Attorney Jennifer Pratt to speak on divorce/marriage laws in the U.S.

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Guest (Jennifer C. Pratt, Esq.):
Website: www.prada.law
Law Firm IG: @prada.law
Personal Professional IG: @prattlaw
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PraDaLawFirm/
YouTube Channel: www.YouTube.com/DebateTV
Law Firm Phone Number: 888-88-LEGAL
Law Firm Offices located in: Doral, FL; Midtown Miami, FL; and Medellin, Colombia

0:00-5:36 Intro, announcements
5:36 What is divorce?
8:11 What is alimony and child support?
11:58 Could I use Bitcoin to shield my assets?
17:00 What is alimony?
19:45 Can you go to jail for not paying child support?
23:13 How can men protect themselves prior to marriage?
31:08 What if I had a kid in Columbia and brought him back to the US?
32:35 How often should men update their prenup?
37:50 How can men protect themselves if the prenup does not work?
40:52 What if I gave all of my money to my mom before the prenup?
48:24 Wife as an employee
53:30 What can guys do to protect themselves during divorce?
59:07 Common divorce misconceptions
1:02:38 How to protect assets
1:06:22 Divorce misconceptions & Super Chat Q/As



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  1. I can’t financially/mentally bind myself that close to a creature that will more then likely self destruct and take me out with collateral damage

  2. Marriage is like a Fleet enema. The husband ALWAYS gets it up the ying yang and he ALWAYS gets cleaned out.

  3. Man, I’d love to see a lawyer from my state talking about divorce laws here. Greetings from Minnesota! Keep it up guys! Great content!

  4. Never sign that marriage contract.
    The ceremony maybe…
    But legal/contractual marriage…
    80% divorce rate…
    Would you take those odds in Vegas??
    Bad deal..

  5. Have an issue with female lawyers using Esquire after their name. Girls were never chosen to be a squire to a knight…..keep that in mind….

  6. I’m SO GLAD I watched this podacst. This is 1 of the most important parts/talks of life that most people DO NOT talk about, If most of us were informed, we’d be in a little bit less hurt.

  7. Quick summary: Do not get married. If you do get married, you deserve all the hell that these 304’s are going to bring to divorce court.

  8. Create a child support card with both parents and children listed on the account. Whenever and wherever the card is swiped, a copy of the receipts are uploaded for viewership and accountability.

  9. Nice hair, minus the bald spot.
    Twin sisters are 2 fake alpha male wannabes (holler at peach, don’t be a coward)

  10. Don’t know why debt is so celebrated in America, if you have 30 mil but a big chance to be in debt.

    Somebody was doing smth wrong, stay debt free man

  11. Judging from the super chats, the basic consensus is "Don’t get married" because if you don’t get married you cannot be divorced. I’m sure the attorney means well, but, she and others like her are totally unnecessary for men if they will not get married. She thinks she is helping, but, all she is really doing is basically reinforcing the most obvious solution to the problem of divorce. What is point then of writing all this down? All you need to remember is no cohabitation, no marriage, no divorce and no divorce lawyer. ‘Nough said?

  12. 2 3 tunes, 3 logos, 18 fonts, annoying AF sound effects, teenager’s bedroom aesthetic, constant technical issues (her mic isn’t on bro). Lets go….

    Also why has nobody told her how bad her glasses are, is she wearing those for a bet?

  13. This does not address the lack of due process, that goes against The Constitution of The United States of America. You can, and will be held in contempt with out a hearing to determine if you can pay the amount owed to The State, not her. Keep that part in mind.

  14. Child Support should go in to an active trust that take a percentage of the money save for the kid in the future as a portion goes toward a calculated cost based on the cost factors reported by the person who is receiving the child support. This would then be verified. If any false information is found that money is then given back to the spouse that is giving the support.

  15. This is what a real modern woman looks like. Career AND mindset.

    We should all become lawyers. Change this shit ourselves.

  16. Imagine marrying a divorce attorney and ur NOT a divorce attorney
    Great episode though
    30 mins in and my eyes and ears are glued

  17. You guys have really come a long way; I was not a fan for a long time until recently; Tate ordeal largely made me rethink things. Thank you guys so much for all you’ll do to help men! The feminist movement has now had 3 waves; we can honestly say we are gentlemen because the ladies were first. Push the agenda relentlessly, knowing that this is precisely what is supposed to happen at this point of history and you are on the right side of it!

  18. It’s interesting how OnlyFans girls always say "I’m educated, strong and independent woman who don’t need no man," while this truly educated woman refuses to call herself a "specialist," stays humble, and recognizes her husband. 

    The more you know, the more you know you don’t know – Aristotle

  19. 17:53 the gross!!! 😧😧😧 Not even the net 😐. So basically she and the government get more of your cheque than you do. Just imagine that. After tax, pension her cut and all the rest you’re probably left with less than her and tax

  20. FIRE!!!!!!!! Thank you fresh & Fit, and your guests. If I ever need to get divorced ( NEVER ). I’ll def go to you guys.

  21. Yo! Her intelligence & spitting facts was absolute gold… unbelievable! Great episode! These podcast episodes I literally can’t stop watching😅

  22. This lady would never in a million years get married if she was a man…easy to encourage men to get married when all the laws benefit women.

  23. She gives out a Giovanni Ribisi vibe, but I still find her attractive. 😁
    Jokes aside, great video and great advice.

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