Divorce Attorney Marilyn York TV Ad "Shut Up Stupid"; Men's Rights Family Law Lawyer Reno Sparks NV

Divorce Attorney Marilyn York TV Ad "Shut Up Stupid"; Men's Rights Family Law Lawyer Reno Sparks NV

Marilyn York at http://www.MarilynYork.net Reno & Sparks, Nevada (NV) premier Men’s & Fathers’ Rights Attorney; Family Law Child Custody Divorce Lawyer. Sassy TV Commercials have made Marilyn famous but her hard work has made her successful and owner of the area’s largest exclusive family law office. She’s charismatic, colorful, has a quick wit and is beyond funny while being brilliant and well prepared as an attorney. She’s a great mother of three and a great wife to husband number four. She thrives on helping clients but also generously helps local charities and many other people in ways that they can’t help themselves. She loves women who are good persons, mothers and wives but has realized that Family Law Courts don’t always cut the baby into equal halves without a fight. Although she does represent women by referral who have problematic men in their lives, she mostly represents men because she especially wants to help and protect children by having their fathers in their lives.


  1. Stupid is the man who hires anyone with a foul mouth like this. I worked for divorce lawyers who represented men and you do NOT want a mouthpiece like this. It’s all about her not you. If you have a complaint, well she has a BRAND to protect and tons of positive reviews so it must be you. Ever see a lawyer desperate for money? The industry is a monopoly that doesn’t police itself and doesn’t care if you get ripped off. You won’t find that out until after you’ve signed a retainer and handed over all your extra money, the amount any divorce lawyer knows because the first thing they have you do when you come in is complete a financial affidavit.

  2. A. this vid is awesome B. She is so hot!! (Wish I could find a wife, and raise kids, all just so I could hire her for the divorce!)

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