Divorce Attorney Reveals Top 3 Reasons Women File For Divorce

Divorce Attorney Reveals Top 3 Reasons Women File For Divorce



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  1. The source for the claim that 70% of the divorces are filed by women comes from the American Sociological Association.

  2. She’s explaining the number one approach to divorce in the courts. The number One reason is “You can do better” mentally. The 70-80% filing statistics are already established.

    If the man you choose doesn’t amount to “enough”, you’ll go looking for “the bigger, better deal”. Female nature. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, it’s that you’re not fighting to stay in it to win, regardless of the outcome.

    Then you find out you’re now completing against a younger hotter version of yourself. Leading to the new 90/10, where 90% of ladies are competing for 10% of the men.

    The whole cycle is largely self defeating.

  3. Married 42 years. WIFE filed for divorce BUT, I kinda knew it was coming. I was prepared. I got the house, free and clear a tidy lump sum payment and half of her pension. Turn out she was skimming funds from my business and blaming me for not making as much money as she was, so she filed, just before retiring. I got a significant portion of her IRA, as well. I GOT ALL OF MY MONEY BACK because, I saw it coming and was able to prove that she was stealing AND HIDING my money . . . for twenty years.

  4. Exactly what happened to me, but I was happy with the request as I was so miserable and had to put with a lot of things and she thought I would get back to hear because of my financial strugles after kicked me out then divorce was filed and I went thru with it, I lost a lot of money but got my life back and never been happier

  5. my wife tried to threaten me with divorce once. I told her that’s fine!!!! The look on her face was total shock. I told her hey if you are unhappy then we can move on separately. She quickly retracted. That was over 10 years ago. But I was dead serious.

  6. 70 to 80% of women initiate their divorces
    90% if they are college educated

    Marriage in the US is over
    Marriage was for the benefit of women as men were legally bound to take care of them well after they hit the wall and became unattractive

    Now – men have learned women are not loyal so why risk losing everything and rewarding women for breaking the marriage contract.
    No more marriage
    No financial russian roulette

    Women can remain strong and independent for life – that means women working well into their 70s – best of luck ladies – you wanted equality – you got it – compete against men who will outwork you, out invest you and have access to younger women well after you hit the wall and become a bitter cat lady.

  7. From what i have seen… It’s not discovery of misconduct it’s a lack of paying attention prior to marriage…
    People focus more on the feelings they have with their partner and don’t focus on compatability… it is 100% preventable

  8. Men, don’t take advice from modern women; they rarely self reflect, never take responsibility, and almost all are borderline narcissists. Unless, she was raised by her married mother and father to be a wife and mother, then she has no clue how to be a wife and mother. Having a relationship with a modern women is like playing Russian roulette, except there are four bullets loaded in a five shot pistol.

  9. I’ve never threatened any man with anything, these people are nuts. I did get a divorce, I initiated it…but it’s because I was cheated on. I don’t excuse cheating under any circumstances. Only reason id file for divorce are cheating, abuse, or like they were hiding who they really were but it has to be extreme.

  10. In my case, the ex starting spending excessive amounts of money “redoing” her face, Botox, lip fillers, wanted a tummy tuck, braces ($7000 in two months). I’m going I don’t see any issues with the way you look? All the whole pulling back, went to a party at her bosses house (while sneaking a bottle of booze for him) then when at the party telling me she was going to stay the night just to see how I would react. Nope bye bye not what I signed up for.

    What SOME women need to learn is communication. If you don’t have someone who can communicate like an adult you are wasting your time.

  11. Female attorneys tend to get more male clients because mistakenly or not we tend to think a female lawyer will get us better deals.

  12. She’s right. I would not have made #1, #1, we have remedies in place for that, #2 is without a doubt a big issue, there are actually 2 sides to that, and I must admit seeing a marriage endure financial collapse has always brought warmth to my heart.

  13. none of them were ‘reasons’ for divorce. They were all reactions to ‘something’ that they didn’t like and were trying to find a way to change/fix. Seems like they decided to get a bigger team to ‘force’ the guy to fold, but guys can get stubborn, especially if the real reasons are well established and intractable.

  14. The reason is simple, and it’s the same reason they get married to begin with.. hypergamy. The main reason women get divorced is because like marriage itself, it’s a touchdown. A major financial score. Men with options don’t marry, which is why they are highly desirable. The main driver of sexual attraction in women, are pre selected men. This woman’s empirical observation are statistically insignificant. Data depends on a large sample size.
    What secular atheistic people are doing performing the Holy Sacrament of Marriage, is beyond me. Btw.. women give ultimatums to men they don’t respect. If you’re a guy reading this and are given an ultimatum by a woman.. maintain your frame, and walk her out the door.

  15. Men CAN communicate their feelings, but women don’t listen to men when they and thus we are disincentivized to do so.

    Women don’t necessarily communicate their feelings better, they just do it more often and we are required to listen or else deal with the headache that comes with not taking women’s feelings seriously.

  16. okay… I just want a vocalize this. it’s not that we don’t want to communicate our feelings it’s that women don’t actually value and respect our feelings. they feel like they’re feelings are so much more supremely important than ours so that’s why when a woman finally does ask our feelings we don’t even know how to communicate and tell you that because either it’ll be used against us or we’re just not used to being asked that question by a female.

  17. Whats hard for me to hold interest in these comment videos is when the commenter constantly stops tbe tape to add their opinions.
    Id much rather watch the entire video and then listen to what you have to say.

  18. 70 percent of of all divorces in the US are initiated by women. In the UK it’s 62 percent initiated by women. Only in western society is this the case. By the way I love your channel, current topics, salient arguments, unbiased opinions, and very intelligent conversations in general. Your straightforward presentation is very amenable to further conversation which we really need these days in general.

  19. I am calling BS on the female lawyers ‘anecdotal’ evidence.

    "Women are more likely to initiate separation than men. Thirty per cent of separations were initiated jointly with 70 per cent of separations initiated unilaterally by either the husband or wife. Of these unilateral separations, 69 per cent were wife initiated and 31 per cent were husband initiated."

    Social Policy Research Paper No. 35
    Marriage breakdown in Australia: social correlates, gender and initiator status
    Dr Belinda Hewitt
    School of Social Science
    The University of Queensland
    © Commonwealth of Australia 2008
    ISSN 1833-4369
    ISBN 978-19211380-01-3

  20. What if..trust has been broken severely?
    What I mean is infidelity… she’s talking to exs.. she hasn’t been a wife for 3+ yrs(love making) goes to bars on a regular basis when you both decided to NEVER go without your significant other!

  21. I was married for 20 years. Year 18 my ex told me she was not happy and some things needed to change. She had a 3 page list of things. I got busy making the changes that worked for me. I talked with her every couple of weeks asking how she was doing and what else we might consider changing. Year 19 she said she was thinking she was going to file for divorce. We kept talking and changing things. Then without telling me first she filed for divorce. That changed everything. The moment I heard she had filed there was no longer a ‘we’. She had taken action that to me declared she and I as separate, ending the possibility of any future together. I needed to get busy moving on, creating my new life, doing what was best for me. She was no longer a positive part of my life. The divorce put her on ‘the other side’. I would cooperate with her on providing what would be best for our teenage boys. My ‘giving’ now would be only support for my sons. Other than that I would do what I wanted, what served my future. Eight months into the divorce process she asked to withdraw the divorce. No way! I was doing well, making painful yet pleasant progress, enjoying life without her. Why would I enter into the difficult and likely unsuccessful process of getting back together with her? She had ended my commitment to her by filing for the divorce. I no longer trusted her. In my view spending resources to get back together with her would be wasting resources on something likely to fail. She had not respected, valued, honored my efforts before. I had serious doubts she was capable of or willing to be respectful, to value my creations for her, of honoring the person I strive to be. Women don’t seem to realize that for many men filing divorce, to a man, is declaring the end of the partnership, rejecting his desires to provide, pushing him away. His response is to separate his future from her. She becomes ‘the one it does not work with’, ‘the one who offers only arrogance and pain’. And yes there are women and men who manage to separate gracefully. Unfortunately they are the minority.

  22. The reason for alimony was because it used to be really hard for women to find another husband. Nowadays, thanks to feminism, women can just go out and get a job.

  23. The only thing I can figure as far as the discrepancy between the reported stats and the individual attorneys’ report of male/female divorce initiation (besides dishonesty obviously) is culture of the individual areas they operate in. More traditional people are generally less likely to file for divorce so I would imagine that depending on where you are you’d see a higher general frequency as well as a growing gap between one gender or the other, though I could just be talking out of my ass here.

  24. Ladies should understand this, the number one reason men will file for divorce is when we feel disrespected by you. Hiding money, making major decisions like large purchases without talking to us first, taking the advice of other people over your man, and telling the kids the opposite of what we just told the kids. Remember, it’s not what you say to your man, it’s how you say it. That’s the reason more men are in prison than women. When you disrespect us, there will be hell to pay.

  25. I once had a ‘girlfriend’ tell me she thought we needed some space. I was pretty upset but I said OK. A couple days later I was getting ready to give her her space and we got in a fight and it comes out that she only said it to see how I would react. I was so relieved. I thought there was something wrong with me. I was glad I found out early that she was willing to lie about her emotions to manipulate me. Moved out as planned.
    If a man does that, he’s a toxic narcissist. When women do it, everyone just shrugs.

  26. I agree with you. Including that you talk too much. Play the clips and stop explaining what we should think like we’re all stupid. No offence but 9 minutes of you explaining what you think and 1 minute of the clips. Don’t know what I think because, didn’t see the clips. In the shorts, you talk and talk and 5 seconds of clips.

  27. Filing divorce to get attention, that’s insane…and the third reasons is incredibly ambiguous, had enough of what exactly

  28. Statistics are tracked by the government for taxes and other demographic criteria. Over 80% of marriages are broken up by women. This woman is giving out false information. She is giving an opinion and that is it. False information.

  29. You can’t negotiate desire. If a man doesn’t want you, no amount of attention will make him change his mind. An ultimatum might as well just be a nail in the coffin.

    Holding men at financial gunpoint is no surprise.

    It’s scary and overwhelming because her ewvolutionary wiring tells her it is so…of course in modern times, she probably will be fine even on her own….but our ancestral brains can’t understand that and so we move this way

  30. They have thousands of options and always think they can do better. Never happy with any man. Chad and Tyrone wouldn’t marry them. What a shocker.

  31. "We know guys don’t usually communicate what they’re feeling as well as women do."

    That was hilarious. Best laugh I had all week. Just like she didn’t know why women were actually getting divorced like she was just told by the divorce attorney, she also doesn’t have a clue how much men communicate to women. You ARE told. You just don’t LISTEN. That is the problem. Not men’s communication skills. You ladies are so self obsessed and busy concerning yourself with why you are unhappy, you never take the time to let what we are saying to you sink in. You tell yourselves these things so much in your female echo chamber you all believe what you’re telling each other. It’s like if a bunch of women went on a boat ride to see dolphins and started gossiping and telling each other things about the dolphins while the marine biologist was trying to tell them facts. By the end of the boat ride all they came off with was opinions of dolphins they all told each other and NEVER HEARD a SINGLE THING the marine biologist told them.

    Look at this girl. Fake hair, fake chest, fake teeth, fake lips, fake eyebrows, and I’m sure other plastic surgery. She’s nice and makes good points but at the end of the day you can visibly see she is concerned about all the wrong things in life. But she has nearly 250k subs taking her seriously either because it’s other women or thirsty boys that want to support her for her looks. You know what would solve all our issues? If women had to write their body counts on their foreheads and if men would stop begging and simping for women. Some men encourage this behavior out of desperation, but women would have so much more self respect for themselves and others and how they behaved it would be incredible. Women would stop taking good men for granted. They’d stop complaining over small petty things and realize how good they have it, and they’d probably listen a whole lot better to what you were saying, and THOSE THINGS would stop people from getting divorced.

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