Divorce Attorney REVEALS Why 70% of Relationships DON'T LAST | Faith Jenkins

Divorce Attorney REVEALS Why 70% of Relationships DON'T LAST | Faith Jenkins

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Faith Jenkins (aka Judge Faith), has a legal career that spans over a decade in New York — from working as a Wall Street litigator to New York family court to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office where she prosecuted cases. She then became a legal commentator on cable news before taking the bench on her own court show — Judge Faith. She is now at the helm of the longest-running court show on TV – Divorce Court – where she helps couples resolve their personal & legal disputes with her tough-love approach. In November 2021, her book, “Sis, Don’t Settle: How to Stay Smart in Matters of the Heart,” dropped.

If you’re ready to discover the traits to look for in a high value partner, how to acquire more emotional maturity, how to not settle in relationships, and so much more, then this episode is for you! And now, please join me for Episode 1,221 of The School of Greatness.


  1. If the orange is sitting in the cold, you’re gonna get cold juice. If it’s sitting in an oven the juice is gonna be burning hot. Perfect temp, the orange will give that temp as well. Environment matters, what you put someone through matters.

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  3. She’s glows and it shows . She’s impeccable 🥳 and goodness I’m still struggling to believe she’s in her 40s

  4. You’re only as loved as the value you provide. What beaten down men gets loved unconditionally? None. This conversation changes 10 fold with a mans POV. Unless you work on being a thick skin, charming, wealthy, assertive, witty, spontaneous, romantic, socially intelligent, tough, boss type ladies man..? Love for men will always be conditional. ESPECIALLY if she’s a 9 or dime. Generally speaking, hypergamy is VERY real. Focus on yourself Kings!

  5. Why? Because an orange doesn’t have memory or feelings, oranges don’t abuse or betray each other. I’m not a freaking orange. If that’s what someone wants, go date an orange then, sounds boring as heck though!

  6. This is bad advice for women who want to have children without having to go through IVF

  7. Communication is much like a dance, and everybody dances differently. It’s just about learning how that person dances and you showing them or telling them yours.

  8. Great conversation.She is well read,analytical,intelligent,& hits everything that someone should ask before you say I do

  9. Welp. I gathered what I could but I don’t know if it can benefit Muslim watchers lol because we don’t have girlfriends or boyfriends. We talk to someone for the intentions of marriage. So when she said at least 10 serious relationships I was like 😮
    I’m just afraid to jump into one haha because my purpose is marriage with them. Anyway some of these tips are amazing. I’m 30 and single but I think people make marriage so hard nowadays.

  10. Martin Luther King, Jr. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and confidence, But where he stands at times of challenge and controversy"

  11. Wow I was in 1 relationship before I married young then divorced after 15 years he was too controlling now I’m married in between that I was in two relationships so happy I was able to walk away from things that aren’t bringing me peace it was very hard .

  12. I too have heard that, marriage is hard work and I have a problem with that argument….why is it hard? In my opinion it’s hard because your not on the same page and some are in it for one of three reasons, reasons, seasons or lifetimes.

  13. People give up to early dont marry for life my whole family not a one is devorsed if you come from it then you will its normal to you

  14. Wow wow wow I just had to hit pause to write this because this is an amazing conversation, I’m learning so much and this I what I needed to be listening to at this very moment. Thank you ❤ 🙏🏽

  15. Great interview, very wise woman. So happy for her internal and business success. Wonderful uplifting journey of doing the necessary work of change and self love. Congratulations on your beautiful marriage. Blessings!!

  16. My situation is a little because I didn’t request the divorce but respected the decision. The crazy part is my ex spouse has made the past year a miserable year for me. I don’t want any parts of him but because we have kids I deal with him to a certain extent. It’s one of those things where, “ I don’t want you but I don’t want anyone else to have you.” He’s like a damn fly that I can’t get rid of😩

  17. Bingo, he hits on the nail.. knew person wasn’t the right fit, but WENT through with it anyway. I think quite simply there’s far too too many people getting married before they’re really “READY” and for the Wrong reasons. To me it’s important to prepare yourself by becoming a mature and person that is always discovering ways to find healing from my past. I still believe the key is to not look for the right person, rather to work on becoming the right person. I love how she said Connection, Chemistry, and Compatibility are all important. I think there’s a difference in forcing a fit versus waiting for the right alignment at the right time with the right person. The right puzzle piece for you will be a perfect fit without force fitting it, it will Connect perfectly because they were designed to fit with the other piece SO that the bigger picture can be made complete. Until you meet someone that shares a similar vision,goals, and dream keep working on you and learning more about who you are and what you want rather than settle for less than what and who you desire. I believe the best kind of Love will find you when you’re ready to receive it, and in the meantime work on preparing yourself – mind, body and spirit. So we should trust the Universe to open Love’s Door and Let Love Come to You..when It’s ready for you. Let Love and Let Go. 🌬

  18. This was an amazing discussion. A great conversation and Faith brought up so many good lessons. Lewis had great points and questions. Definitely bookmarking this. I started watching this unexpectedly but I’m taking notes not 15 minutes in. Amazing!

  19. I am always told I am analytical, some great points made! Thank you!! however I think there is a lot of overthinking. I heard Ina Garten say "he likes to see me happy & I like to see him happy." Simple!

  20. divorce attorneys benefit from divorce, it’s the go to. happy resolutions not even a possibility.

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