Divorce Attorney Tulsa

Divorce Attorney Tulsa

Divorce attorney Tulsa. That’s a phrase that searched online 880 times per month and that’s the topic of today’s video. I’m Tulsa divorce attorney James Wirth.

And we’re about to talk about divorce attorney Tulsa. So if you’re finding this video, then you’re probably looking for a family law lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

And this video is going to outline some reasons why you might want to choose one of the lawyers at the Wirth Law Office.

So for the first thing, if you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the Wirth office. We offer convenient parking.

Our office is located right there by the courthouse, our lawyers walk to court every day, we’ve got 25 parking spots which is kind of rare in downtown Tulsa and that’s convenient to our employees and lawyers here as well as our clients.

Another thing that we provide is that we provide a unique way of providing representation for family law. We’ve got two main family law divisions at our Tulsa office, and it’s divided up based on who they’re representing.

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  1. I’m in Bartlesville. My son is 18 and my daughter turns 17 next month. Both kids live with me and want to stay. I have zero funds and have ten days to respond or the ex gets full custodies and support. I really just need to stall it out for a year until the daughter has aged out. I and the kids are Cherokee, can I dismiss on McGirt?

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