Divorce Attorneys Cape Town | SD Law

Divorce Attorneys Cape Town | SD Law

Divorce Attorneys Cape Town specialise in divorce and family law. What sets Divorce Attorneys Cape Town apart, is that we understand that the divorce process is about more than the paperwork – It’s about people.

The relationship with your spouse is complex, and requires a divorce attorney who is both discreet and professional. We’re here to help.

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Simon Dippenaar is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa. He is the founder and director of Simon Dippenaar & Associates, Inc. (SDLAW), a private law firm with offices in Cape Town and Gauteng, representing both South African and international clients.

Simon’s dedicated, compassionate approach has earned him a reputation in family law, which extends to his other fields of expertise, such as eviction law, liquor licensing and criminal law. He is known for cracking cases where others have failed. Simon engages expert associates in specific areas of practice to complement and expand his service offering.

Simon has a strong commitment to social justice and the needs of the less fortunate. He was involved in one of the country’s most recognised mass eviction cases in Marikana, representing the unlawful occupiers and their constitutional right to adequate housing – entirely pro bono.

Simon sits on the South African Police Services Forum, where he is head of finance and is a member of Rotary International and the Cape Chamber of Commerce, both of which he has served for many years.

Simon is known for “high EQ win-win” resolutions, to quote Craig Wilkinson, Founder and Executive Director of Father A Nation.

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