1. I been divorced and have no kids but still I will go back even If I was being thrown in fire by her on a daily basis. I wish someone had told me about life after divorce. No one tells how much you’re protected. It’s no lie when they tell you it’s half of your dean. I pray for my ex all the time.

  2. Youre right everything needs details. Cant he take the baby and the breast milk? Grandparent or sibling? Proper understanding as well.

  3. Neglecting your own family and divorced in the most situation in need of the fathers support, then when they get good life, well taken care of and the ex comes ,calls ,touring and always doing things with his ex wife claiming that he cares.

  4. A beautiful word mashalla brother it’s a sad thing when you have family in-laws that doesn’t even want there son wife to be part of there family only if they had there way they keep are son and have me never be part of there family they think I’m not good enough for there family no matter how hard I tryed and gave help in food and when they were sick I gave from my heart to each of my family in-laws I believe Allah teachers us we are all the same we came into the world the same and we go back to the almighty please pray from my family in-laws there old and set in there ways 😍🌹🌷🧕❣️💕🥰🤩

  5. When Allah ordered Ibrahim (AS) to leave Hajra and Ismael, did he also decree "maintenance" I came here to learn Islamic ruling not Mufti’s opinion. Anyone else came here to learn what Islamic ruling is?

  6. There needs to be more Leaders and Scholars like @muftimenk. May Allah give him good health and a long life. We need speakers like him!

  7. This goes against islam. Respect to Brother Menk, Allah clearly states in the Quran. That if they seperate, then custody goes to the mother regardless of age. But if she Remarries, then custody goes to the Father. Allah (JJ) states this, not differing shaykhs. Some say boys go with the mother or father, or girls go with the mother or father. Or they go at this age or some shaykhs say a different age.This is not for man to play with. Which shaykh or way is right. Allah is ONE, and the way is ONE. And the Truth is one. So only One can be right,and if that is correct then the other shaykhs are wrong. ALLAHs (JJ) Law is the only one that is correct. When the children Know right from Wrong and are Liable for the Prayer. If a divorced women remarries,then the right goes to the father. With all respect, Allah is the only one that is Right. Since there is different opinion on the age, then we as muslims are better to put that aside and follow the Quran so as not to fall in Error. There is many Hadeeths about the shaykhs of our time. We know what era we are living in. Better to follow the pure uncorrupted Book of Allah (JJ) than mans or our own judgement. With all due Respect and Love to my Brother.

  8. This topic is very important for my ex husband and I. Thank you so much for that beautiful information. May Allah grant us all understanding.

  9. Ladies hire lawyers. Be fair. Be logic. Priority should be yourself and children’s safety and securities and stability of Children are always the priority.

  10. Everyone had a reason to divorce but on my case omg!!i try to solve it but only from my side he didn’t try i stay on my trouble miximum 10 years but not things happed he still do on the wrong way exactly he belong muslim but i was belong budddsim i’ve 2 sons but all of us less of value of him so we’re decide to divorce, Allah blessing

  11. What you are describing is whats based on law. Whats Islam view on this? And why is that even if a women committed adultery still they have the say on when the husband get to see the kids, and yet the man pays for everything. Is the husband just an ATM? Why men are always demonized. And these women take over the house, busineses… and yet everyone is blindly on women side. All they have to do to convince the world is shred some tears and accuse any kind of abuse and everyone is ready to crucify men without even evidence. And all the feminist out there, where is the "EQUAL RIGHTS"? when it comes to divorce settlements and child custody.

  12. The child custody goes to the mothers since they get older and become mature to make a commintment and then they i’ll be asked whom they wanted to live wheter a mother or a father if they say mother or father,whatever they says it’s their choice to live with which parent,the custody doesn’t goes to the father it’s wrong mother has more rights how could you say that😠😠😠

  13. The woman I’m with for 13 years now, doesn’t ever have the biological father around. He left after 1 year and never came back. He’s NEVER been around. Just Me when she became 8 years old. Still to this day he’s not around. Yes he’s still alive I found him on fb.

  14. I think 🤔 all these shaikh are all untouched from reality. Allah is clearly saying that if the father decides to choose to breastfeed the child other than the mother, he can ! So where do you come up with 7,9,11 years then child should go to the father. ALLAH made it easier for a woman. It is not her responsibility that it is the father’s responsibility to take care of the children. So she can go on with her life. She has it hard enough that she is divorced on top of it; she has children. If she gets married, then they go to the father . Where is the stability of the children? Just throw them back and forth.

  15. My wife wants to divorce and kill our unborn child in the womb so neither of us can have a child, I can be wrong but I think it’s a sin to kill any child of Adam (as)

  16. Moreover! Is it right to travel alone as a reason for visiting where her ex and the siblings of her child and left her present husband alone.

  17. Mga anak ko ang priority yesterday anything i do how to protect them all because only my daughters my son’s i have been on ten,s ome your protection mga anak ko

  18. On the rise??? Unfortunately in some cases even when the offspring become adults the fight is still not over, divorce is destructive.

  19. Dear
    How can we reduce divorce rate, my suggestion is before marriage there should be a time gap and advice classes need both of them and they to be sharing thoughts in presence of a experienced person

  20. I am not financially independent that’s why I can’t take my child custody.
    my family is only supporting me they are not ready to keep my child.
    my family didn’t allow me to meet my son because they think its makes me emotionally weak.
    I know my x husband & his family will not tell my son the truth that they compel me to take divorce they never told their fault
    they’ll give all blame to me & portray me a bad woman a bad mother infornt of my baby.
    they’ll poisoned my baby against me & I can’t do anything.

  21. my ex has done everything that you have said NOT TO DO!!!! I still cry myself to sleep every night over all this ,,,but I remain strong to my faith,,,,,even if it hurts me I am trying to lead by example,,,but years years I have lost with my children simply because I got out of a bad marriage,,,alhumdulilah

  22. I just hope divorce just stopped. And increase love. Stop these politics. Stop making marriages into jokes. Please people. We are Muslims .

  23. I really really like Mufti Menk. I find myself agreeing with hiim on most issues because he has a very pragmatic thoughts and really speaks to us as humans with problems and good and bad intentions.

  24. I am married woman can my sister spend her idat (after divorce) at my house as our parents mostly live with me and we have no brother

  25. Very correct statements @Mufti Menk all of them are based on common logic if of course, a person is able to control his/her feelings.

  26. Sheikh what if the mother is the course of divorce.?if the mother went on a requested for khuluu. Sometimes due to very flimsy reasons. Why should a man be seperated with his children when its. A woman who divorced a man? Don’t you think its in order for the man to take the children?

  27. When I’m small, I was thinking why my parents get separation. Then when I’m be a mother 2 children with pregnant, I decided to divorce. Which I think maybe this is the right way for me and kids.
    After all happened. I think why i growing without father in my side even why my kids must feel same like what i feel.

  28. Why divorce again?? I wanna forever till die.. Love u my baby bunch 😍💕💘 our build foundation love like burj khalifa and our color build like ocean then our harmony like a stars and our romance like rainbow.. Did u imagine tht how our love grow? Its like tree zaiton from jannah always white and beauty 😍😘 love u my baby bunch 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌸🌸🌸

  29. Good speech. There is more divorce than there is marriage. A lot of people get married when they are not mentally ready or responsible for a marriage. Some get married as a convenience or for financial security but they will not admit that.

  30. Mufti menk. I think you like giving the women the upper right just to be more likeable. Mother should not be allowed to be the sole custody holder in 1st 2 years.
    Father to pay for data to speak with child. Really?

  31. Asalaamu aleykum?yaa Akhii menk. Is a muslim wife allowed to have any issues with her ex, except children.without the knowledge of her present husband.

  32. Everything you say is beautiful and I hope more people will fallow the rules of Islam when it comes to children maintaining InshaAllah

  33. Sheikh, I so value what you said. I am currently separated from my husband and during this time, he only calls when he needs money from me. He does not care to speak to our daughter or even acknowledge things like her birthday, which are meaningful to children. In March he asked me for money again and because I denied him, he swore he would never speak to me again if I don’t help him out. Since then, he has not called or reached out to his daughter or myself. He does not support his daughter either and I do not speak ill of her father but he needs to step up and be there for her irrespective of our differences. I don’t know how to open his eyes to this. Your advice would be appreciated.

  34. Asalamu aleikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu thank you for the Advice may Allah guide us inn shaa Allah

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