DIVORCE COURT Full Episode: Buckner vs Buckner

DIVORCE COURT Full Episode: Buckner vs Buckner

Their arguments about finances, household duties, internet addictions and botched plastic surgery have taken a toll on the Buckner’s 3 year marriage. Will Judge Lynn Toler help this couple save their relationship or suggest they split?

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  1. What is it with people going to these foreign countries to get botched surgeries?!?! My goodness, she could have died, smfh. If God didn’t bless you with it, don’t try it….it just might kill you.

  2. Her skin looks great. This hair cut, her mouth piece and attitude makes her look hard. Change that hair color it’s doesn’t compliment your pretty face lady.

  3. You actually complaining about not having enough money but you take 9000 bucks to the D.R. to get a hatchet job on yourself.

  4. She can take 9K for plastic surgery in DR but then complain that she lives in a bad neighborhood and only willing to contribute to $100 on bills with her butter face! Smh this woman has no substance and her extra voice is extra annoying!

  5. She’s a selfish woman… where’s he at ? Send that man my way. I’ll treat him accordingly
    He’ll never have to worry again

  6. 2:03 Im soo sorry but the only person I was paying attention to was the white girl with a ponytail with the green shirt and black jacket. He lips kinda look like Kylie Jenner Challenge fail.

  7. This woman has embraced the Kardashians fake beauty culture 10x sq! Spending $9k on unnecessary plastic surgery, so that she can look like an IG model speaks to her level of maturity. Kick that loser to the curb brother, and find you a woman who has lower maintenance fees.

  8. Not to the DR, but judge is wrong insurance company even pay people in America to go to other countries for some procedures just it’s soooooo much cheaper.

  9. Wait….wait…how old is he? Over 40?! But they started dating when she was 12? And she’s 37? I’m confused, I need some answers….did I miss something

  10. For one he looks 25 not 40.. she is complaining about the neighborhood and house they live in when HER father passed down the house and she grew up in and the area…then she goes and waste $9000 on a botched surgery when that could’ve been the down payment on a house… so why is she complaining?

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