Divorce Court – Mwanisha vs Matthew – Almost I Do's – Season 14, Episode 140

Divorce Court – Mwanisha vs Matthew – Almost I Do's – Season 14, Episode 140

After selecting a venue, securing a wedding planner and selecting a date Mwanisha called off her wedding to Mathew because she can’t deal with him cheating, lying and making her feel unloved.

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  1. Hold on, I missed this woman’s name. I thought my mama set me up with this ghetto name, but her mama really got her 😂

  2. "Now that they are not together, he gets to see his son whenever he gets a chance." Sounds like a weekend dad at best.

  3. Black men don’t like kids! Wake up black women, they’re literally killing black women over kids 🤦🏿‍♀️ every 5 hours

  4. I think everything that Judge Toler was saying to her about not going back to him its going in one ear 👂 and straight out the other Ion believe that she’s going to take that step 🪜 by leaving him because you could see it in her eyes 👀 that she believes in that heap of bull 🐂💩 he just laid out to her saying that he’s going to change

  5. This man don’t love himself!! So he couldn’t possibly love any woman until he value himself!! This man have no self control and he is weak!

  6. NEVER TRUST a guy with narrow eyes. He will try to compensate with wider range of strange behaviors. That idiot, regardless of his age, is acting like an … idiot. That imbecile is not normal.

  7. I knew when he said, ‘Do all I can..’, that he was lying. It’s a cop out. Gives him the excuse to fall short. Let him go. He’s a youth/time killer.

  8. He is a foul dude for that but I can’t be a hypocrite because I had 2 girlfriends when I was younger but I didn’t get engaged to them

  9. Five minutes in and the defendant already sunk himself. Hopefully the plaintiff sued for child support and full custody.

  10. I’ll tell you one thing, she better than me. My picky ass wouldn’t have gave this man a second of my time. It’s hard to shit on him when that woman decided to tolerate it. She definitely took what she could get, and complained about the choice. I’m thinking he shouldn’t have options, but he has multiple. Like sir, cheating? How? With whom? Y’all be different ctfu😂

  11. Non talking self. Ugh..he disgusts me!. I just want to pull on ears just to see if I can put some space between his eyes.

  12. stop your whining put on your big gurl draws…and move on!!! stop wasting time and on losers –update she stayed lol

  13. He’s a very jealous man! It looks like the plaintiff had both parents in her life, but he only had his mother in his life.

  14. Ion know who I’m more upset with him or HER!! Like ma’am, why are you on tv for this. 👏🏽JUST 👏🏽LEAVE

  15. When you sneak around and take pictures of your situation and send to anyone, it should be game over.😮😮😮😮

  16. He said "now that they aren’t living together he’ll see his son whenever he gets a change" 🙄.. How much you wanna bet he’ll put more effort in seeing women before seeing his son. What a loser. Best decision she made

  17. Thank to the username above now I know I have a good proof against my cheating partner!! because I have just gotten the full access into all his accounts, messenge the username above for the available service

  18. He was never going to change. Now he’s hurting his child too "he’ll see him when he can".

    She knows she dodged a bullet!!!!

  19. I’m glad she went back an seen that what the judge said was the truth an hopefully when he gets his corney butt out of the house she moves on an find someone who will respect her

  20. Black woman needs to be free from being delusional # 1 stop using y’all curse wombs against y’all self and the planet, # 2 the only thing that subjugated dusty’s are known for is destructions, and Princella Lashawn Clark the queen maker is one you all no self-esteem female need to listen to.

  21. 12:40 It hurts because he can’t have her there because of all the women he cheat with. She needs to move on.

  22. He’s is the most pathetic,no count, trfling brother I’ve seen and for her to even consider marrying him is ridiculous he didn’t even want to be seen with her in public and the sad part is I wouldn’t be surprised if she would take him back she would be a weak fool.

  23. When judge Toller said “don’t believe him” after he did his wack speech with his lil eyes and big ears
    We all need a judge toller in our lives 👏🏾
    I’ve never beeen so upset by an episode as much as this one.
    This woman is way too sweet and good for him 😢 I hope she’s doing well

  24. From a psychological pov is it just me overanalyzing or does anyone else notice it’s not the alpha male beauty standard having guys who get away with this bs but the mediocre guys who one would think is lucky to even knock at the door of the dating pool much less the marriage one. Eh just a thought. Ladies love you first then everyone and everything meant for you will surely follow… This vid here this ain’t it. Love the judge though, pillar of graceful, tactful, wisdom. Her Dear Sonali book has continued to be a reference in my bookshelf.💜💜💜

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