Divorce During Green Card Procedures : USA Immigration Lawyer

Divorce During Green Card Procedures : USA Immigration Lawyer

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Jacob Sapochnick, founder of the Sapochnick Law firm is sharing weekly Immigration Law short video updates. Among the topics we discuss: Immigration Reform, Green Cards via Marriage, Green Card through employer, E2 Investor visas, EB5 Green Cards, Fiance Visas and Marriage based Adjustment of Status. Based in San Diego we service all 50 states and clients across the Globe.


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  2. What to do if I’m in the middle of divorce and my husband got his green card I just find out that when my husband married me he’s divorced was not finalized?

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  4. Hello I’m petitioning my spouse but he has left home due to his infidelity. He’s dating. Will that affect if I try to give him his green card ?

  5. I had filed my divorce papers in in December of I want to stop his green card right away he is lying to me and he’s hiding stuff behind not honest and truthful

  6. I caught my wife with another man and i wanted a divorce, but she doesn’t because she only has the conditional, now she is setting me up with DV trying to provoke me. But i have prove she’s the abuser. What can i do

  7. Hi Jacob, we got married march 2018 and we had the interview sept 2019. Still waiting for the greencard but our marrige is falling apart. Will it affect the petition if we divorce?

  8. Hi! I am currently on process of my removal of condition. I did mailed all the documents waiting for the response of USCIS. But my relationship to my husband is not got enough to continue our relationship. We’re planning to file the divorce. I did everything in my part to save the marriage but it seems not working out. Any advice? Thanks.


  10. My case is at the NVC now, but my wife and I are deciding divorce before she gets her Interview. How do I tell the NVC that I as the petitioner would like to stop our case before they issue an interview?
    At this time because of travel restrictions I am unable to travel to her country for divorce.

  11. I just have a question if anyone can help me please answer?

    I came to The USA 5/12/2017 on K1 visa
    I got married with a US citizen
    We have 2 kids we live together everything is fine but on 2019 we got in argument she called the police I was charged for domestic violence and assault but the case was dismissed
    Now I have to remove the condition of my green card do you think I’m facing a problem
    Even if the case was dismissed and we are still married???

  12. Hi Jacob, Thank you for your videos. My question is what if the person dies while you are on the temporary 2 years green card.

  13. Hi, have been married for 2.5years and i have not been called 4 g.c interview and my marriage is in hell .what is my chances of getting the green card if i file 4 divorce

  14. Dear Jacob, i want to thank you for the valuable informations you give.

    I’ve been married for more than 2 years and 1 month, and i submitted for an immigrant visa and alien registration application DS-260, it’s been more than 1 year already
    and i got my visa interview at APRIL 14 2020 , but unfortunately it has been canceled because of the covid-19 and now iam waiting for a new appointment , so i have this question, do i have to be married for mor than 2 years to get a permanent green card before i apply for spouse-visa cr1 and start all the process , or just before i get my visa interview, am i gonna get a conditional or permanent green card ?

    thank you.

  15. Hi, I was assigned the I-485 adjustment of status appointment after 2 years and 2 months. Is it possible that they give me a permanent green card?

  16. I’m an illegal immigrant married to a US citizen. I did not get a work permit Titi this and we want to call it quits. Will I face deportation? I’m awaiting my i601a but that will cancel out due to divorce of course. Thanks for any answers

  17. I divorced after I got the condiction green card, right now I’m in the process of removing my condition green card and applying for my own green card by approving the marriage was real. However, I had a few documents need to get from my EX husband and he refused to give me. What can I do for that? Can I send him a lawyer’s letter for it? ( we don’t have kids and I didn’t get abused)

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  20. Hi my name is Jerry Dieudonne I married with permanent residence I had filled for my I-130 and I had a interview on December 11th 2019 and I got deported cause of my illegal status and now my wife got pregnant from another man can I still have green card or what should I do?

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  22. Dear Mr. Jacob.
    My daughter had bona fide marriage with American citizen and got IV CR 1 on 23-11-2019 after Councillor Interview abroad and resided till 12-10-2020 with husband in his mortgaged house in Greenville SC.

    Unfortunately he abondoned her on 29-10-2020 and left US to home country after selling mortgaged house
    Luckily , My daughter got job (having MS University Degree ) in Famous American Food Chains as Trainee Manager on 12-10-2020 in Greenville SC and paying taxes as per law and living in rented room now at her own expenses.
    Her husband says ( I will l not continue with you and as per his statement ,will not come to US.)
    My daughter will have to remove condition on CR1 by filing I-751 on 23-08-2021 availing 90 day window.

    Kindly guide me,
    – It is possible to get divorce decree from Family court by
    23-5-2021 to avail 6 months waiver window to get waiver for joint interview?
    Is it possible to get divorce within 5-6 months from Greenville court as per laws in SC state?
    If decree delayed till 23-08-2021 or further what will be the repurcussions.
    -Can she be allowed in US after 23-11-2021 if she attaches copy of divorce petition undergoing in process in local court (not yet decided)while filing I- 751 on 23-08-2021
    She got full proofs of bona fide.
    Birth certificate,marriage certificate,joint bank account,joint heath insurance,joint car insurance,got stimulus check,family through husband by name by President,family photos,joint Travel,honeymoon tickets and Boarding passes in Bangkok,
    Good relations with neighbours in almost one year,same residence,joint post mails and bills,medical bills etc,etc.
    I see your videos on regular basis.
    I will appreciate if you give your best brief suggestions to me so that I may guide my daughter accordingly. Attorneys in Greenville are much expensive and my daughter could not afford their legal fees.

    I hope you will not disappoint me and give your legal and professional advices keeping in view of my daughter situation and off-course applicable Divorce Laws in SC on my email ID mazharuddinawan@gmail.com
    to enable me to instruct my abondoned daughter in Greenville SC.

    I have a faith that you believe in humanity and helping people.

    Best compliments and thanks for providing me US immigration laws details through your informative vedios.
    You may recommend any divorce Attorney in Greenville to help my daughter with reasonable less case fee if possible as your are working at global level.God bless you

    Mazhar, Pakistan

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  24. Hi jacob! Good day! My question is im just waiting for my adjustment of status. We’ve been married for 1 year. And now the marriage didn’t work. We have a 3 yrs old kid. Whats my options?thank you

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  26. My friend came usa at dec. 2014 through marriage by u.s. citizen female. In dec.2016, he was wrongfully charged in domestic violence. After some time, he found not guilty and dismissed the case but he arrested. He is divorced now. Can he get unconditional green card?

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  29. Dear Jacob, please help me with this question. I married my U S citizen husband on August 2019.I got my conditional green card on January 2020.I came to America with my son. My date of birth was incorrect and my son’s name was spelled wrong. So I had to file I-90 form and returned my green card along with that. My husband is alchoholic and smoked cannabis a lot so we don’t get well. At the same time I am dependent on him so he took advantage of it,threatening me for divorce many times. I just tolerate it because I am afraid of losing my green card. During lockdown periods things escalated and he left me alone with my son. It’s been three days now he didn’t return. He texted me saying that he wanted to divorce me. Please guide me. I just pray and pray to almighty God to help me that’s when I saw your videos. What should I do if he really abandons me?

  30. What if before the person got his/her conditional green card and had already received a SSN and travel document in the process, but application got withdrawn/canceled before interview or conditional green card, are these here documents now canceled and invalid? Please let me know.

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  33. Hello Jacob! Firstly, your videos are very clear and informative and I really thank you for that!

    I do need help though! I received my conditional green card through marriage in CA. My conditional green card expires in 02/22/2020. Unfortunately my spouse and I are separated. I filed for divorce towards the end of November and it won’t be finalized, as you know, for 6 months. I have no problem doing the paperwork myself, I would just like to know when I should file the I-751 form and when I should file the waiver, since the divorce hasn’t been finalized yet. This marriage was bonafide and my ex and I are on good terms and can provide extensive evidence that the relationship was real. I just need to confirm when to file the I-751 and the waiver?

    Thank you so much in advance!


  34. Hello.. can i ask you a question? Extremly confused, watched too many videos and read too much stuff.. have a big question.. husband and i got married 4 years ago in 2016 and filled form i-751 jointly back in february 2020, around 6 months ago. Our marriage has gone bad and i would like to take a step towards the future and get a divorce. Will this affect my greencard process or can i move forward? Really have no idea what to do.. feel trapped
    May you have a beautiful day and thank you for this video

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