Divorce financial affidavit- don’t make these mistakes – Karen Chellew and Catherine Shanahan

Divorce financial affidavit- don’t make these mistakes – Karen Chellew and Catherine Shanahan

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The divorce financial affidavit is an essential piece of any divorce process. So many people are not taught what the importance of this is in the divorce and they make mistakes. Today I am honored to interview Catherine Shanahan and Karen Chellew from https://mydivorcesolution.com.

Please visit their website because it will change your world and help protect you. https://mydivorcesolution.com

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  1. "Cruel" — now that is a word that I haven’t thought of. Although my divorce was finalized, the title of this video is one that I obsess over 24/7. In fact, only a quarter of the way in, and it unnerved me so badly, I had to stop it.

  2. The financials in Discovery were totally manipulated by the narcissist and his criminal lawyer. That original ratio, based on lies and fraud that looked so official on one of my ex’s professional looking spreadsheets, set the tone for a decade plus of post-divorce continued financial abuse. Tracy, so glad you are addressing this and bringing in experts to help inform those dealing with this. Too late for many of us, unfortunately.

  3. If I knew now what I knew 15 years ago. I am SO drowning. I knew , saw & controlled NOTHING. Financially, mentally & emotionally starved.

  4. I did mine and my ex put generals according to the law but no information. I had tons of proof but the judge and lawyers allowed him what he put down! My ex also came at me outside the court right in front of my friend and lawyer. I let my lawyer know that I got thrown under the bus and they are going to fix it because I had proof and they fell for him acting stupid and poor him. He has a university education and works in finance. I still never found his hidden assets. My lawyer saw another side of him outside the courtroom. Now my ex just a few years later wants me to give up my spousal support because he wants to take a less paying job. At 55 I am still in school and working full time on almost minimum wage trying to stay afloat and he just moved into a 3000 sq ft house near Seattle yet he says I’m making him poor. And he doesn’t want to travel for work any more I am now too poor to go back to Virginia for this.

  5. I would love to know if theres something I can do 15 years later. We have a handicapped young man and i am his only care giver. The futher doesnt show any care or concern and never asks about him or visits him nor does he take him out!!

  6. My attorney said to "take the deal because you may end up with less or even nothing if this goes to trial"! She threw me under the bus the entire time. If I knew better, I’d swear her office received a large monetary supplement from him, under the table.

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