Divorce for Non Muslims in the UAE | Best Family Lawyer in Dubai

Divorce for Non Muslims in the UAE | Best Family Lawyer in Dubai

The UAE’s legal structure has been established in line with the civil law principles and Islamic Sharia law. It is also pertinent to know that the principles and rules of Islamic Sharia law hold the utmost importance in determining several legal aspects under the UAE’s legislation and also it is acknowledged as the primary source of the UAE laws. Federal Law number 28 of 2005 on Personal Status is the governing legislation, which is highly based on the Sharia Principles, deals with all the aspects of the family law such as marriage, divorce, finances, children and inheritance matters. As per Article 1 of the Personal Status Law, the scope of the application of the law is not limited only to UAE nationals (Emiratis) but is also extended to all the Muslim and non-Muslim expatriates residing in UAE and also provides that it is applicable to the non-Muslim UAE nationals unless they have special regulations relating to their sect and religion. So, this provision of the Personal Status law clears the availability of the option to proceed for a divorce case in UAE courts for non-Muslim residents of UAE. The other relevant laws governing the family matters also include Federal Law number 11 of 1992 (Civil Procedure Code) and Federal Law number 5 of 1985 (Civil Transaction Code).

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  1. I was married in Philippines but the marriage was not worked out..we don’t have kids nor conjugal properties.. and I am planning to do a divorce here in UAE.. it would be possible for me to file a divorce?I am a residence in UAE..Thanks

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