Divorce in Muslim Law – Family Law

Divorce in Muslim Law – Family Law

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talaq-ul-biddat (Triple Talaq)
ila & zihar
Khula & Mubarat
Divorce by Judicial Decree
Divorce under Muslim Law


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  1. Sorry I have to say about one thing
    Apne kaha ki punish karna galat hai triple talaq me
    Ek aurat koi khilona nai h sir ki jab chahe ap tin bar talaq bol doge to wo rishta tut jayega.. Triple talaq ko cancel kar dena matlb us ladki ka bezzati shadi to reh jayegi court k order k karan but ijjat kaha rahegi? Usi ghar me reh rhi h jaha khilona k trha uske pati ne bs mu se bolkr talaq dedi
    Jolog insan k emotion ko ijjat karna nai jante unlogo k liye punishment hi sahi hai

  2. You are only considering 3 words but not the situation of woman fr whom the word is pronounced. In my opinion criminalisation must required as a result no one will attempt to do so and the right of a muslim woman will be protected in some extent

  3. Koi ..hello guys eating food ..hello guys doing potty ..bolke 1 million subscribers leke bethe hai ….aaur yaha ese hardworking youtuber ko sirf 100k

  4. Sir it’s talaq -e-tafweez not talaq-e-tafwid i got confused i trust ur channel very much sir ur videos r a saviour please sir thoda dhayan sa u r an incredible narrator

  5. Non judicial resolution of maritial conflict problem ; unilateral divorce ;
    Divorce by mutual consent and other modes of dissolution of marriage under muslim law

    Kya yahi likhu

  6. why is temporay delegation is irrevocable?
    dont you think.. agreement condtions of before marriage for enforcing delegation is a permanent delegation ? then husband can revoke this delegation after the marriagebcoz its a permanent delegation, then what is the point of agreement?

  7. India ek esa desh h jha log helmet isliye nhi pehente kuki sefety ka swal h blki isliye pehente hn kuki chlaan kat ta h …bss isliye criminalise kia kuki logo ko yha sirf sza se drr lgta h or kisi se frk nhi pdta

  8. Criminalise- Talaq k lie 3 bar Talaq bolna zaruri hai, 3 bar talaq bolne pr talaq to ho jati h mgr ye tareeqa ghalat hai or biddat h or past me ispr saza bhi thi…Void islye nhi- 3 br talaq bola to chahe na-chahe unka talaq ho chuka…islye talaq bolne k bd ise void nhi man skte ke talaq nhi hua, islye saza hai.

  9. sir last m judicial decree vale point m impotence or repudiation vala poin samjane ka tha…. vo samjane se jyda acha samaj aata…

  10. Intoxication mei, pagal mental log talaq nhi de sakta. Thodi jankari lelijiye. Because muslim mei talaq pure niyat se diya jata hai.

  11. Dear YG
    The impact of triple talaq is draconian on wife, as it is may be given under impulsions.and wife has to suffer; hardly acceptable in equitable society.

  12. If only nikah hua ho. Bidai na hui ho yani ladki Ghar nhi aayi. 1 saal baad ka time. Hai aany mei mean baarat. N walima nhi hua. Not even any relation Pr ladki walo. Ny fir kr di 498a. Ki. N damka rahy h ki jadi bidai. Kro. Tuo hum fir hataygy. Warna. Pasa degy court mei future kharaab kr degy ladki ka. Jo. Thanay court mei. Ja sakty h. Baad mei tuo. Ladki pata nhi kya nkya ilzaam lagayegi. So what to do

  13. One more difference between Talaq Ahsan and Talaq Hasan is that in first case the couple can remarry as there is a single pronounciation of the word "Talaq" but for remarrying there must be new Nikah and new Mehr while in case of Talaq Hasan the term "Talaq" is used thrice after some gaps thats why the couple can never remarry.

  14. Sir alimony and maintenance
    Independent remedy, difficult personal laws
    Ancillary relief : alimony pendent elite and permanent and maintenance

    Ye question kaise cover kru

  15. Mere bhai Aap longon ko kitna confusion hai Tripple talaq per .Quran does not like Tripple Talaq. Else women does not empowered from husband . Her own right to say Talaq to husband by the Muslim court. . In a Muslim Law marriage is a contract . If infridge the right from any side It is the best way to get rid off for the Devil Husband or the wife

  16. your opinion about why to criminalise is absolutely wrong, do you think if it is not criminalised people will stop practicing. therefore it is important to eradicate such practices completely. sir we like your videos but pls. dont give such biased opinions.

  17. It has been criminalized because in India many muslim marry hindu women in order to convert them in their religion and later they divorce them may be that’s the reason why it has been criminalized

  18. If it was not criminalised then it would have been just law and if punishment is there people will think about it before doing it

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