Divorce in Pennsylvania

Divorce in Pennsylvania

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: http://howtofilefordivorce.org/how-to-file-for-divorce-in-pennsylvania.htm

STEP 1 – Download the required Pennsylvania divorce papers: http://howtofilefordivorce.org/divorce-papers-pennsylvania.htm

STEP 2 – The couple should meet together in order to divorce in Pennsylvania without an attorney and fill out the following forms:

Civil Cover Sheet
Notice to Defend and Claim Rights
Court of Common Pleas Intake
Notice to File Social Security Numbers
Non-Military Affidavit
Income and Expense Statement
Marital Settlement Agreement (Do not Sign)

You must submit all the forms except the Marital Settlement Agreement and pay the filing fee which can range anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on the county you reside. You will need to file the papers at the Pronotary’s office. Get copies of all forms filed as you will need them for the next step.


STEP 3 – You will need to meet with your spouse and have the following forms completed and signed in front of a Notary:
Marital Settlement Agreement

You will also have to complete the following forms and sign, but they do not need to be signed in front of a Notary.

Affidavit of Consent and Waiver
Praecipe to Transmit Record (*Attach this form to the Marital Settlement Agreement)
Notice of Intention to Retake Prior Name (*If spouse chooses to revert to prior name)

STEP 4 – For cases where both spouses are in agreement over the divorce you will not need to attend a hearing. Instead, bring the forms from Step 3 and file them with the Prothonotary office. Make sure to bring with you the Divorce Decree (4 copies) and the clerk will guide your through the form. While at the Prothonotary office be sure to pick up the Record of Divorce form.

STEP 5 – Most likely you will not have a hearing and the Judge will send you in the mail your signed Divorce Decree. At this time, your divorce is final in the State of Pennsylvania.

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  1. I have a question my parents got divorced in 1995. I got a hold of the divorce decree but its no settlement agreement. Do I get the settlement agreement from a different court or does that mean they didn’t do a settlement or any custodial agreement through the courts. Also if they didnt do a settlement agreement would that be considered automatic joint custody at the time. I was born in wedlock.

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