Divorce in UAE

Divorce in UAE

Divorce in UAE

Divorce is an increasing social concern in the UAE. It provides information about the divorce law of Muslims and non-Muslims in the UAE.
Divorce filling steps in UAE.
• Mutual Divorce/case by either party at the family guidance department of concerned emirates.
• A court-appointed conciliator will try to compromise the parties. Conciliator procedure is mandatory on the basis of mutual understanding parties draft a settlement and sign it before the conciliator. Then the conciliator will provide the claimant with a referral letter to the court. The court concludes their divorce.

 Require documents for divorce
 Marriage certificate, Marriage contract
 Passport copies of the parties and their children.
 Birth certificate of children.
The case comes to first instance court when the parties not able to settle their case in a conciliation proceeding. Once the case filed here the opposite party has got the opportunity to file his defense plaint, defense reply, counter reply, defense review are done this court. This period court will ask for evidence. Case referred to referees to the court, these referees give a report to the court and the judge will give his judgment upon it.
Then move to appeal court, the court of cassation, Enforcement court if needed.

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  1. Can you please,give me direct Contact with the Original women in Abu dahbi for marrige or to be my girlfriend? I am living in Germany ,but i like from Abu dahbi women.thanks a lot .

  2. Review petition vs Appeal? I was not given enough time during personal status hearing for maintenance case and my husband had furnished wrong information regarding his salary. Should I file a review petition or appeal to same time? Can additional prayer be added in appeal?

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