Divorce Invitation | Romance Movie | HD | Full Length | Free Film

Divorce Invitation | Romance Movie | HD | Full Length | Free Film

Divorce Invitation – centers on Mike Christian, a happily married man who runs into his high school sweetheart Alex, and after all these years, sparks still fly.

Divorce Invitation (2012)
Director: S.V. Krishna Reddy
Writers: S.V. Krishna Reddy, Bala Rajasekharuni
Stars: Nadia Bjorlin, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jonathan Bennett
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1h 47min
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Divorzio d’amore
Release Date: 15 November 2012 (Israel)
Filming Locations: Santa Clarita, California, USA

Mike is happily married to Dylan, or so it seems when he runs into his high school sweetheart Alex… the girl that got away. Their chance meeting rekindles the old feelings he had all those years ago and now Mike’s convinced that Alex is his soul mate. There is only one problem: when he married Dylan, Mike signed an iron-clad pre-nup which states that in order to get out of his marriage, he must throw a Divorce Party and invite all of the guests who came to their wedding. How far will Mike go in his quest for true love?

The movie has good romantic comedy and sentiment. I liked the movie very much. The story is closer to everyone’s life after few years of married life. We should encourage upcoming actors with the best stories like this. everyone acted very well. I recommend to watch the movie. Jonathan Bennett, Nadia Bjorlin acted very well. I liked Jamie-Lynn Sigler acting also. Only thing I didn’t like is the college time love story. The characters replaced with someone else. They would have taken with same actors. They look same age, not much age difference with current age but replaced with different people which I felt little weird. I don’t see in many theaters but my feeling is it should run in more theaters. Written by qaz-ram


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  1. Jonathan Bennett is the luckyest gay actor. In all of his romance movies he has fell in love with multiple dop dead georgous actress. Or is that bad luck for him… well never really know.

  2. I am glad it ended well…but hard to lol about the painful subject of cheating, lying to someone and the hurtful suffering from divorce…idk how to describe my feelings after I finished watching this movie. Kinda glad I got through it and it was finally over. Let’s not forget circumcision! That was more than enough proof he can commit and grit through issues! O.K.!

  3. If you don’t want to be with someone you have committed to then let them go but don’t cheat on them. In the end you only cheat yourself. No one should stay in a relationship obligated, for then you take it out on that person. There will always be someone that loves you and you love them.

  4. The only reason for divorce is adultery or it does say in the Bible adultery, but there are so many things now that you may have to divorce and sometimes whether you believe it or not God will separate and loose the marriage. he will bind it but he will lose it, because whatever is bound in heaven is bound on the earth, whatever is loosed in Heaven is loosed on the earth. whatever is loose in heaven is loose on the Earth. And sometimes he ends it whether you want to believe this or not ,because the person you thought would work ends up being a psycho and your life or your child’s life is in danger. THERE are ways that are so dangerous that you have to end it , or God will end it, But if you make it to heaven you become immortal a bride or a wedding guest then you will be given a new mate ,young beautiful radiant like yourself, when you are transformed. IT’S best not to re marry especially now more than ever because we’re about to go home. Our permanent home.

  5. some things are easier said then done, now there is no excuse, for you to say you are sorry. you win some you lose some.

  6. Interesting story 🤔 but how is she young and inexperienced I am not so that he acts knows what he wants 🤔

  7. this movie was terrible
    it just glorified cheating. So he gets to get away with banging the super hottie, and not have to tell his pregnant wife. this isn’t a good love story. this comment section talking about wanting this kind of love. of coarse this is all my opinion

  8. We are living in a monetary society, not a human one.
    Before, my car or Tv was broken, we fixed. Now, we buy new ones, is easy and fast.
    The same with marriage. We fixed, we compromise, we take the time and effort to do it, for the benefit of eat one, specially children. When a marriage fail, children feel guilty, they think is their fault and became traumatized for the rest of their lives.
    Now, we go the easy way, divorce. We don’t care the consequences.

  9. Nope I’m in love with kailee.im gonna marry her.she is the love of my life and God gave us to each other.i would never cheat on her I never have and never will.i love you kailee.and my son is an hour away.and know one could ever take his place .

  10. Good movie I like it. At first I thought she was faking the baby but hey. He did what he felt was best and their you go. End of the story! Love and feelings in two different places but which one is going to build a true love like foundation and stand firm? Well seems like the ball was in the court of for the groom to decide. The bride already had her mind made up. Good story. Both women was ready but then again the groom in this movie had to make up his mind.

  11. The "Happy Ending" makes it look like "Sinning" is no big deal when reality shows us countless murders/suicides due to infidelity. Sin is why living life comes with heartache and pain and adultery is one of many sins that God said," Thou Shall Not Do!"🤷🏾‍♀️
    But, just like Adam, man falls into temptation again and again showing very little resistance.🙄 God does say, "Resist the devil/temptation and he will flee/go away!", but, this fella didn’t display an ounce of will power, she had no problems with getting his draws/underwear off. 😁 They are the epitome of Adam & Eve, they disobeyed God and the thing is with us is that God knows at some point we will fall into temptation He just doesn’t want us to give into it, God wants us to really try to do the right thing. I really enjoyed watching this movie, because it showed other qualities like forgiveness and humility in a pleasant manner, but it can be misleading for the young and naive causing them to think that it’s simply okay to sin when it’s simply not! ✌🏾❤

  12. This was a good movie. That clause Dylan put in the prenup was a wise one. They both would have to face everyone and themself if they wanted a divorce. Also wearing what you wore on your wedding reminds you why you married and how you felt on that day about that person. It made you take a deep look at yourself. No cowardice allowed!!!

  13. I wish I would have said “no.” Not sure to a divorce in the first place or letting him come back after cheating FOUR times and 23 year gone…hmm…

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