Divorce: It's Not About You | Jillian Wells | TEDxGreenville

Divorce: It's Not About You | Jillian Wells | TEDxGreenville

Divorce hurts and it’s especially difficult and painful when children are involved, Jillian knows first-hand.

It’s nearly unheard-of for a divorced couple to have a good relationship, let alone be “friends” and maintain the sense of “family” for their children. When you focus on the kids and what’s best for them, putting your own feelings/hurts/emotions aside (which is NOT easy), the innocent children you brought into this world benefit, and you just might too. Jillian Wells came to Greenville in 2002 to continue her career in television news on FOX Carolina as a Meteorologist/News Reporter. Although born and raised in the Cleveland, OH area, she fell in love with Greenville and built her family and career here over the last 17 years.

Prior to her job with her husband’s company, Jillian filled various roles including: Meteorologist/News Reporter for FOX Carolina and fill-in Meteorologist with WYFF4, Senior Sales Representative for JanPak Supplies, Director of the Imagine Center Fitness club and the toughest job yet as a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Jillian is honored to share her story and experience as a divorcee in hopes that others going through the same thing can be empowered to put their feelings aside and focus on the children first. In her spare time, Jillian loves playing with her boys, traveling, being outdoors, working out and dancing. with their exes and are living the best version of divorce. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


  1. This is a parenting advice after divorce. It is a decision of 2 but also almost most of the marriages can be saved, starting with 1 of you, and your children will thank you for working and transforming your marriage, forever.

  2. It wasn’t until I went to university and started reading the studies I realised how truly damaging divorce is for kids. Every credible study. It’s amazing how we’ve happy talked it and reframed it to be about the couple’s sentimental sense of love and attachment. When in fact, it is about the cohesive family unit.

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  4. My husband didn’t want to try anymore and never gave us a chance he didn’t even want to try marriage counseling. When I wanted divorce or thought I did he called me a quitter kept mentioning our children now who’s the quitter tearing apart our family. It’s so sad I would have tried anything to make it work because he’s always said he wanted me for the rest of his life all the time.

    What hurts the most is my children. As the primary parent especially with my youngest who cries if I’m not around very strongly bonded and being six months pregnant. *sigh* I wish I could have them 100% and he just visits but he’d never let that fly.


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  6. I’m in a bitter mood today, so take this with a pinch of salt.
    But so many of the Ted Talks I have seen essentially come from a moderately wealthy middle class person telling me how they overcame hurdles in life. Life is much easier to tackle when you come from a position of financial stability.

    All I hear from this talk is how she got divorced, had to deal with the inconvenience of separating assets and co parenting. But other than the separation itself, her and her ex seem to be on the same page as far as the kids go, and she more or less describes the whole divorce as a list of inconveniences.

    I mean where is the real hurdle? She had money at the start of this, she will get money as she is the mother of the kids, most likely got custody and therefore she will get the house and her ex will pay to support the kids. She even works for her ex so her job isn’t even at risk while she deals with the drama of this traumatic event, because he is highly unlikely to put the livelihoods of his kids at risk by taking away their mothers source of income.

    Not to deny how horrible this experience was for her, but it seems like she had it on easy mode with the biggest issue being swallowing her pride for the sake of her kids and to keep her job.

    I would love to hear stories like these from those who hit rock bottom and got back up. That is the kind of motivation I need right now.

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  9. My parents have not yet reconciled nor attempted a "co praent" approach. They have only been in the same room together once when I was 23 for my birthday and its been 20 years now. Its unthinkable to me they would ever be to in the same room during the holidays again since I was 10 and I’m 31 now. What you shared opens me eyes to thr deeper truth of how bad it really was for my family’s experience including my own.

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  11. Marriage in 2022 is poison, divorce is worse, kids today are born ungrateful mindless capatalist zombies you can not ever make happy. Never give her a legal marriage (laws will let her rob you) and dont ever have kids. You might then find whatever peace is left on this Godless cursed planet.

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  14. Can’t get this time back. She said two things over and over. Kids first and make a choice to put them first. What information would be good is how to overcome the inclination to rage at an ex who abandoned his vows, family, responsibilities. She said they made the choice together to put the kids first. Why didn’t her ex apply that to his marriage recovery work? That would have been putting the kids first. That was the choice.

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  17. What about having teenage kids who can speak! He is sabotaging me and my kid’s relationship. Look up narcissist. He will ruin the kids to hurt me. I’m living it!

  18. Honestly, after this betrayal. The only relationship I will extend to him—the person who walked away from our future while I’m 6 months pregnant and who tore apart our family—is through the court approved parenting app. I will never let me kids know how I feel about their father. I want them to have him in their lives, but that’s all he’s getting.

  19. Great to have found someone else after your marriage. For some people, you can just move on after getting cheated on and completely screwed over. Great for you for being able to forget about your past marriage and family you were happy with, that you didn’t want to split up. But for me, it’s been two years and I can’t get rid of this hatred and anger after my ex cheated on me, destroyed our family, had multiple other boyfriends and is now with another guy in a long-term relationship that I have to hear about from our 4yo daughter every week. Tell me how to rebound from this situation and not harbor resentment towards her for being such a sh*tty mother and f*cked up human being. I’m not able to just move on and find someone else. Sure, that’d be great, but that’s not how the world works.

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  21. I agree with much of the sentiment, but the reality is that in her circumstances BOTH made a decision to put the kids first. I will not speak about my personal divorce here (though I do in many other forums) but will say that in many instances, one of the ex spouses is not willing to put the children first (even if he/she thinks that he/she is). This makes things extremely complex and challenging. Point being that yes it is a good attitude to put the kids first, but this isn’t anything new, and I would suggest almost every divorcing couple will claim they put the kids first. What happens in actuality is unfortunately quite different. Overall, I do agree that one should be as civil as possible despite the hardship, and hopefully the other side will come around, but if not, the key is to accept the situation and be the best parent one can be regardless of how the other parent/ex spouse behaves because not every person will be as fortunate as her to have an equal partner in putting the children first regardless of one’s own decision to do so.

  22. This is all fine and good until the lawyers get involved. They will push you towards divorce as of their career depended on it. (It does)

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