Divorce Lawyers London – We Sell Leads To Divorce Lawyers in London

Divorce Lawyers London – We Sell Leads To Divorce Lawyers in London

Divorce Lawyers London Group
34 South Molton Street
London W1K 5RG
0203 514 8984
Divorce Lawyers London – We Sell Leads For UK Divorce Lawyers.
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Divorce can be a very traumatic experience in a person’s life. Divorce refers to the legal separation and termination of a marriage. Divorce laws vary from state to state. To file a divorce lawsuit, a complaint should be registered. The spouse who registers the complaint is called the plaintiff and the other spouse is the defendant. To file a divorce case in London, individuals should contact proficient lawyers who have adequate experience and specialization in London Family laws. In London, divorce can be granted on grounds of ‘no-fault’ and ‘fault.’ ‘Incompatibility’ and ‘living separately for a year’ fall under no-fault grounds. Fault grounds include reasons such as bigamy, adultery, cruelty, fraudulent contract of marriage, gross negligence of duty, alcohol addiction, imprisonment and out-of-state divorce.
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