1. The events of the last 20 years alone have ruined six thousand years of marriage traditions in the name of a few evil individuals. Never again will this generation of men believe in marriage, good luck fixing it.

  2. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan them, that’s why we have so many people divorcing these days.
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  3. I’m imagining that guy who put ALL those the miles that car just riding around for months with with a huge smile! Tires down to the wires, oil tank dry as a desert and riding on fumes🤣🤣🤣💪

  4. The Devil™ was invented so people like this would have someone to blame for their evil.
    Also, the carefree piano piece really sells the video.

  5. And that folks is why it is NEVER EVER a good idea to marry. My family has its own shitty backstory too which reinforces that thought in me. Im happy in paying extra and stepping away from benefits of being married, because ive seen too many of friends and family getting fucked over by eachother… i dont want any of that. Oh and its always the kids who suffer. Always.

  6. Yeah believe the lying wife and not take the children’s testimony into consecration
    Seriously if this is not biased i hpe they all burn in hell

  7. They say women only make ¢77 for every dollar a man makes. After hearing the stories I’ve heard about divorce settlements I could give a fuck about your 77 cents.

  8. oh no the cats😭😭😭
    i would actually plan to kill such a person if they did something like that to me!

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  10. Why is alimony a thing? People don’t get to live the life style they had from the husband after the divorce, if you marry a chef and you get good meals from them do they still cook for you after a break up?

  11. Some of these women are absolutely vile and don’t deserve to be breathing. Especially the one that falsely accused the father of molesting his children, and the other that drove the father to suicide. You’d think the courts would do their job properly and investigate.

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    People will forget what you SAID .People will forget what you DID But they will NEVER forget how you made them FEEL.

  13. Usually when the creator of this channel puts happy music over sad stories, Ill find it funny but this video legit made me angry at the laziness of the creator. The creator makes tons of money from basically transferring reditt to Twitter. The least you could do is fit the mood

  14. Men in divorce: saw everything in half to serve actual justice to the corupt courts.
    Women in divorce:
    Put the pets down, beat the children, frame the husband as a monster over nothing or almost nothing, lock up the husband and not let the kids see their dying grandma, make the kids think their father is a sexual predator. Destroy the kids lifes so that she can get payed a bit more and also lie lie lie

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  16. It’s not as bad as some others but the one with the dog getting put down is fucked: I would’ve sued her for killing the dog if I was him

  17. Honestly if I was the daughter of the one whose dad killed himself. I’d have pushed my mom down the stairs.

  18. These stories just go to show how women basically have full control over divorce and custody rulings, and god forbid our increasingly feminist society is going to do anything to change that.

  19. I came here to enjoy funny stories…
    All this has taught me is that humans are stupid and petty asf

  20. My older friend got Into divorce 50 something years ago and one night his ex broke into his house and tried to kill him with a gun.

    He beat her to death Lmao

  21. The woman who left her husband for the internet guy across the country is downright EVIL, if there is a hell I hope she burns in it.

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