Divorce Lawyers Share Worst Ways People Ruined Their Ex' Life (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

Divorce Lawyers Share Worst Ways People Ruined Their Ex' Life (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

New AskReddit Stories: Divorce lawyers of Reddit, what’s the worst way you’ve seen someone fuck over their spouse? 💯💸
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  1. I dont understand why women want rights over their bodies but dont men to have rights over their finances.

  2. I know these are extreme cases and all but this is really making marriage look like a bad idea in general. It’s sad how affection turns into spite.

  3. I have known at least 4 divorced guys who’s ex wives refused to work a job till the kids turn 18. That way the max amount of support is paid. My brother divorced and refused to go to court. The judge ordered the max amount of child support. Had a boss who was divorced. 3 times a year he was allowed to see the kids at the ex wives choice. Last min the ex would call and my boss would have to take a week of vacation last min every time. Got so bad his boss said no more last min vacations…

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  5. 10:57 — worst thing that anyone can do in divorce proceedings. Putting animals down out of spite is also very shitty.

  6. My parents were in their teens when they had me and were awful for each other. They divorced when I was 12 and it really messed me up because my mom just up and left for about a month and then came back to take us like nothing ever happened. Lots of stuff led to their divorce but now they get along way better than when they were married. My dad is even friends with her current husband.
    Getting divorced is hard enough on the people going through it but when they don’t think of the kids and are just petty to each other it’s just sad.

  7. MG!! What amazes me is that some of the most nefarious stories here as the if they were the worst that happened are just a small part of what my BF’s ex did to him, the couching the “abuse” that child services intervened, thank god the lady in charge had seen this kind of thing and knew it was BS, the sentimental value things, so so many things you have to wonder how someone ends up marring this kind of monsters, the divorce finished a long time ago and up to this day she keeps finding ways to screw my friend in so many creative and twisted ways is scary. One day we were talking, lagging because what else you can do, he told me that some friends from work told him to sell his life story for a movie and I told him that this time Hollywood instead of making it bigger they’ll have to tone it down or nobody will believe it. We laughed but he is writing it he is just waiting until he doesn’t have to pay her anymore.

  8. Another thing in my state is everything gets split down the middle that means even if you have a savings account that you had when you were a child which does not have your wife’s name on it at all it doesn’t matter in the states I that’s still part of your asset. A friend of mine took this literally and cut his house in half and put a wall directly in the center of the house he had the the bathroom side the door side in the bedroom side she had the kitchen side the pantry side he cut his car in half too and he got in trouble from the court system for doing it. But he told the judge he’s only doing what he was told. The judge is like really what were you told he said everything that I own has to be split in half to give to her. So how are you supposed to split a house in half how are you supposed to split a car in half you cut it in half and give them half of it. The judge did not know what to say and he had to go back to court the next day cuz the judge had to look up a bunch of stuff for this case he cut everything in half

  9. This just shows you how bias the divorce courts are towards men. The following are ways to make divorce equal for both parties. Child custody should be split 50/50 with each parent paying for the kids when they have custody. Instead, women receive child custody 90% of the time with the man paying child support and only getting to see his kids every other weekend. On top of that, the money received by the mother for child support is not monitored and she can spend the money as she wants freely (even if it isnt on her kids). Other laws such as alimony should only exist for a year to enable the mother sometime to get back on her feet and find a job. Lifetime alimony is straight robbery when a fully capable woman can go out and work and make a living on her own. The courts say that the ex wife was accustomed to a certain lifestyle so under this theory shouldnt the exhusband still be getting sex or a blowjob from the ex wife? Unfortunately, not even prenups can save you anymore (just ask Dr Dre). Marriage is a life sentence for men.

  10. I never get it when men try to screw over their ex wives in this process. Statistics are against you here, bro. Take what you can get under your entitlement and be civil because if you do anything that can even be exaggerated as crossing the line, you are done.

  11. 5:00 basically happening to my mum and dad as of now.
    Dad’s broke with loans on his head (thank God about to be paid) but mum thinks he’s hiding insane amounts of money to spend on girls after divorce.

    The details are so nasty I don’t even wanna talk about it..

  12. My mom and dad separated in 99 filed for divorce in 2005 my mom fought it cause she wanted everything their divorce wasn’t finalized until 2012. She’s still bitter and still trying to go after my dad

  13. This is ridiculous!! Ladies this is not the 1950’s!!! We can support our self’s!!!!! Dam have some self respect. I’m not saying don’t get what is yours. Your kids learn more from you than anyone else.

  14. Hearing about someone killing an innocent and healthy animal to fuck someone over gives me a sudden urge to boot up POSTAL2 and go on a murder spree. Weird.

  15. Pro tip: if you’re fighting with someone, and out of the blue they start being nice to you…it’s a trap! Run!

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  17. In the state of Maine if you and your wife get a divorce nine times out of 10 the wife is going to take the husband for everything he owns they will not let the kids with the husband is extremely hard for a male father figure to take the kids away from their mother in this state it’s stupid I’ve seen where kids have been put in danger because of this system where the male role model is the better role model for the kids is more stable for the kids but no not in this state

  18. Honestly, if both parents are safe for the child 50/50 is a nice deal. I have this setup for my son and I can say that regardless of our personal issues, my son seems much happier than I was growing up with divorced parents, and the fact that we can work through our problems for the benefit of him is more important that who beats who in court. He’s happy, loves being with both of us (although I’m still clearly the favorite lol) and I feel it’s better for him in the long run. Plus, he has a half sister and I wouldn’t want to separate them completely because his mom and I didn’t work out. That’s definitely something that more people need to realize. What’s best for the children you do have is FAR more important than the relationship that you don’t have with your ex.

  19. My ex wife 1990’s accused me of being the father of her baby even though she had moved out 2 months before she got pregnant. Two years later my lawyer finally catches up to her to force a dna test (she kept moving) .When the results came in my lawyer called me up and said your defiantly not the dad , honestly one of you did not come from Adam ad eve.It was the first 99.999 infinity not the daddy he had ever seen. Her dumb ass was actually having a child support party at her house (i worked for a rail road and made good $) she told her lies so long she believed it herself. stupid

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